After after almost 9 months of application of the SurVoyeur MKII UAV system in the Etosha National Park here in Namibia, The Park and Ministry have added further to their capabilities. Two more Pilots have also completed there training this week, each on both the SurVoyeur MKI and MKII systems. This will enable the Park to fly simultaneous flights in separate areas, day and night if required. The fully automated systems have day and night ( Thermal) imagers and the full autonomy in launch, flight, target designate and track, as well as autolanding, ensure the best survivability in this harsh environment.

Pilot effort in flight control and management is also vastly reduced, a huge plus in the National Parks.

The preceding 9 months of system use has shown many successes and preemptive flights have been shown to act as strong deterrent to would be undesirables, leading to the latest additions.

Congrats to the two new Pilots , Shayne and Isaskar, and their new systems!






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    Hoping you can join us next time we have a chat about these things Joe, I am off to the pub to start setting up this afternoons chats about conservation tasks. http://www.unmannedlive.com I will video each talk and put them up if they are any good ;-) (mine won't be)

  • Developer

    great stuff!

    Do you do on-board processing of the images, or do you send them to the GCS for analysis?

    Cheers, Tridge

  • My wife & I just returned from Sth Luangwa Nat PK in Zambia. This place is totally wild with fantastic range of animals & no fencing. The rangers patrol for poachers using 4WDs & also use a light plane.  Both methods very expensive to run. Maybe you can suggest the drone surveillance to local authorities.


  • Thanks Guys..

    Need to find a way to make these things Mate now...



  • Congrats, must be the best use of drones by a big margin i think ive seen here.

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    African solutions for African problems. Well done Joe.

  • Job well done:))

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