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In case you missed it, our Bluetooth Bridge is now back in stock! This is the second version of our wildly popular Bluetooth Bridge, and we are very excited to have this product in stock once again. Additionally, we would like to take this time to announce a new addition to our Bluetooth Bridge line, the Long-Range Bluetooth Bridge! The Long-Range Bridge now uses the RFD900 high power, dual-antenna radio for extremely long range telemetry connections.


If you’re not familiar with our Bridge already, here are the basics. Physically, it is a totally enclosed system, complete with battery and simple charging over USB. It can relay telemetry from any 3DR radio or RFD900 to your Bluetooth enabled device. This allows you to use the Android apps Andropilot, Droidplanner and 3DR Tower on your phone or tablet to connect with your Pixhawk-powered vehicle directly. The wireless nature of the Bluetooth Bridge allows you to move freely in the field to maintain line of sight with your flying vehicle while having quick access to your ground control station. Since you don’t need to attach your telemetry radio to your PC/tablet, it also allows you to place your radio in a position to achieve the best possible connection.

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Through this redevelopment, we have also added a few new features. The Bluetooth Bridge now switches intelligently between Bluetooth and USB – if you plug in a USB cable, you’ll be able to connect using Mission Planner from a PC like normal. It also allows you to use Mission Planner to change 3DR Radio Settings more conveniently than before. Additionally, it’s now possible to get the Bluetooth Bridge with the RFD900 radio integrated directly inside! Finally, there’s a solution for those of you who need to stay connected past one kilometer! All the combinations can be a bit confusing, see the table below for the possible combinations and the telemetry ranges possible.


 Ground Radio  Air Radio  Range
 Bluetooth Bridge 433  3DR Radio 433 1km
 Bluetooth Bridge 915  3DR Radio 915 1km
 Bluetooth Bridge 915  RFD900+ 4km
 Long-Range BTB  3DR Radio 915 4km
 Long-Range BTB  RFD900+ 10km


To purchase the Bluetooth Bridge, please check it out on our website here.

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  • Thanks for posting, Chris.

    There are some people who have taken various RFD900 configurations out to very long distances but in our experience these are more realistic ranges that are reproducible in the varied environments that they will be deployed in.

    @Jason: Yes it is possible to change antennas just like it is with normal RFD900s!

    @John K: Using direct telemetry link allows us to operate in areas outside cell service and also avoids the ongoing fees incurred. Check out Drone Deploy if you're interested in cell based drone control.

  • Well that's cool but why not 3g/4g ?

  • I've hit 7 miles with ground radio as RFD900 and 3dr Air radio.... are these numbers just "safe ranges"? 

  • Looks great! Is it possible to change the antenna on it for longer range? Looks like it should just unscrew like normal, but hard to tell from the pics.
  • I thought of you had rfd 900 in air and on ground you could hit 30-40km range?
  • If only there was a way to use this in Europe with ezUHF.

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