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  • Wow cool to see that my work got the attention of the CEO of 3DR. If you can believe it, this video was my first attempt at a more complex MPCC. It only took ~5 minutes to set up and 2 attempts to nail the timing. The Solo is an incredible tool, it really couldn't be more simple to get smooth cinematic results. This attempt worked out so well and was so much fun that I've kept it up, I'm up to 17 videos on my playlist:

    Running Motivation playlist on YouTube

    and I post to Instagram as well: Getting Faster Slowly on Instagram

  • That is phenomenal.  Must've taken a lot of planning.

  • It's Multiple Point Cable Cam so it's pre-planned, there's no follow me involved.

  • Is this all (Solo and camera) preplanned or is some of this followme enabled?
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