3689595357?profile=originalToday we are proud to release the beta version of EXmaps.com. We have been working on it for many months and now we are finally ready to release it to the public.

What is EXmaps?

EXmaps cater to the APM/Pixhawk users. In short, the current version serves as a digital drone logbook.

You get to create account, and upload logs tagged to specific UAV so that cumulative data such as flight time and flight distance can be tabulated according to UAV. 

Here are some features that we build:

1) Calculation of actual flight time and distance

2) Presenting log data in interactive graphs, maps and sliders

3) Automated historical weather data base on time of flight

4) Ability to make individual logs public with comments function (otherwise all logs are private)

This is a beta release because there might still be bugs and it only support dataflash logs now. We chose dataflash logs over tlogs because dataflash logs is more complete and does not suffer from data loss due to signal loss. We would like to get the community’s feedback on this service before continuing our development work. You can register for an account at www.exmaps.com


We are not certain how we are going to recover our development cost now but what we can promise is that we will always keep 1 drone worth of data free. Forever. Irregardless of the number of logs uploaded as long as it belongs to 1 drone. 


We came from www.avetics.com and have been using APM for a long time. One of the things we would like to improve is maintenance and ease of sharing drone logs. We hope that users can better plan maintenance schedule base on flight time etc and better catch issues with the drone before disaster happens.  

A note of thanks

Thanks to Kevin Hester who created Droneshare. It inspired us to do EXmaps. Also thanks to the many developers at DIYDrones & 3DRobotics. 

Do give us a shout out at hello@exmaps.com !

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  • Ive had "You have 2 logs in processing queue." for about 5 hours now. ASsuming thats a bug

  • @Georacer: Can you give us permission to view your logs? Or send them to hello@exmaps.com? We have not done up a privacy policy but it will be along the lines of what you upload belongs to you and us as administrators have no right to look into the logs without your permission. This will make debugging very painful but I think it is the right thing to do. 

  • This is great!!

    After watching Chris's talk at the sUAS expo in San Fransisco, I think this is where things are heading... to the cloud.

    Check out his talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhuWwIz1LqE&feature=share

    I really pricked up my ears at drone deploys talk (one talk before Chris) which offers a black box that replaces the telemetry modules and integrates Sony Cameras, the Pixhawk flight controller, image processing software and the cloud in real time. For anyone interested in the drone industry this is the next BIG thing, talk about disruptive technology!

    So far I see the following service sites...



    Droneshare.com (servers down?)

    Anyone want to add to that?

  • The dataflash logs where back from October 2013 and Arduplane version 2.74b. Attitude messages are about as frequent as the GPS ones, so it should be around 1Hz.

    I'm not complaining that the uploaded log didn't get analyzed, I understand it's a very old log but that's what I had at hand.

    What I report is that the next two logs I uploaded are stuck since yesterday in the processing queue, as the yellow ribbon message tells me, above the logs list.

  • @Glenn M : Yes that is a useful suggestion. Let me think about how to best implement it

    @Julien Dobois: integration with Mission Planner is an option provided the creator is fine with it because we haven contributed much to the MP (to be very honest) 

    @ilia sheremet: Its a trade off that we made, if you notice the GPS resolution on the map is much higher than those on the graphs. We will be looking into this. 

    Thanks for the feedback. Point to note we are not a huge team working on this. So moving forward we will priorities and push out updates as fast as we can. Please bare with us and keep the comments coming. 

  • @Georacer, can you tell us what APM version did that log come from and what log was enabled? We only support dataflash log now but tlog support is on the way. 

  • After uploading one log (which isn't recognized, but this may not be an error), the other two are sitting in the queue for hours. Is this normal?

  • Do the logs show when parameters are changed? This would be the most useful feature for me to have (along with the log data)

    It's one thing to have the log, but when tuning it is a big help to know which parameters were changed, and to what so that the resulting effect can be measured via the logs.

  • Very interesting feature, congrats guys!

    BTW, do you deal with logs names changing between different releases?, and custom log names?

    Maybe auto-upload from mission planner with an ID to identify user+drone would be a great feature for your development.

  • Well I've used MIT's app inventor and an android device to send sensor readings to xively service. I am sure it will work for drones too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-iDuUQCxQA

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