Drone Flights Illegal.

Excerpt from above article:

Some very bad news for drone pilots this morning: An appeals board has ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration has wide latitude to make all drone flights illegal in the United States.

​The decision, by the National Transportation Safety Board, determined that the FAA's existing "aircraft" regulations can apply to model aircraft, drones, and remote controlled aircraft, which is perhaps the most restrictive possible outcome for drone pilots in a legal saga that has dragged on for more than a year.

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  • When I was a kid and I used to watch Schoolhouse Rock on TV it taught me how laws were made. And laws Are not made by some government agency saying this is going to be a law. It requires a bill to go through Congress before becomes a law until then it's just a rule that is only applicable to people currently hold FAa certifications. so keep this up FAA go ahead make me a criminal and see how you like me then.

    Joe LaMantia
  • Shit happend

  • Moderator

    The FAA responds http://www.suasnews.com/2014/11/32771/faa-statement-on-ntsb-decisio... I don't think people realise how far down the line the process is.

  • time to find a new country to live and work in... if you are in the UAS industry..


  • Yikes. This is getting out of control.
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