FAA Commercial Shutdown


If anyone in the group has or knows of anyone that has been shutdown for commercial sUAS use would you please contact me.

roryp at volt aerial robotics dot com



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    Thanks. What I find interesting is that they did not draw on any legal rules to shut them down. It was basically you do not fly because we say so...

  • Rory, I know a few people posted that they received letter from the FAA on Helifreak, and so I went looking for one for you.  Here's one case I found:


    However, looking at their blog, it almost appears like they are flying the RC Heli again?  It's not clear though, as they also do work from an R44, and I think they are recycling old videos.  Anyway, just call them up and talk to them I guess?

  • thanks Ric nice resource

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    Also, RCAPA watches this matter closely and has posted the FAA regs, and specifically AC-91-57, which deals directly with commercial use of national airspace.


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    Currently navigable airspace is 700 feet agl with exceptions. Yes I have been following the FAA line for years but there is a contradiction that needs to be cleared up.

    If you are interested in Ag use join Unmanned Aircraft and Agriculture on Google+ we need all the support we can get.

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    Certainly alot of confusion over the regs/suggestions/laws governing our community in the U.S.

    It seemed cut and dried that the american system meant that the FAA oversaw the national airspace, which was said to begin mere feet above your head; 

    The Supreme court had ruled "...that a landowner owns only so much of the airspace above there property as they may reasonably use in connection with their enjoyment of the underlying land."

    But now rulings related to high rise buildings and their surrounding airspace have certainly complicated even that hard and fast rule.

  • That is a very interesting thought... not sure how far above someone's property the private owner has jurisdiction.  I would like to do aerial surveying of crops for comercial purposes.. so I would be very interested in this.. as I am sure a lot of other people would be.

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    The bit of research I have done indicates that the FAA below "navigable airspace" has no jurisdiction over private property and their "guidelines" against commercial use may be an infringement on our 5th Amendment rights. That is why I want to see what legal reasoning they are using in one of their cease and desist letters.

  • Property rights?   Not sure I follow.  With more details I am sure people can provide more voice and their own opinions.

    Well the FAA really should only be concerned about safety not anything else like privacy.. which falls under general laws that congress, state and federal have already created.   So I doubt you will find anyone that got a shut down notice since I doubt that the FAA is running around looking for UAV violators.. plus I believe their rules are guidlines now law... but I could be wrong.

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    Not yet. I am doing some research into the matter from a property rights perspective. 

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