FAA Grants Company to fly 3DR Aero

3689652454?profile=originalIt is my pleasure to inform you that the faa has authorized the 3dr aero a 333 examption for flight in the United States for My company M2 Flight Solutions which has been apart of diy drones for a very long time and now has a 333 exampation from the faa to fly it. I have seen some great ideas come to life and other stuggle. Now I am happy to add to the diy history and 3dr company of using the aero for 3d mapping missions in the state of Alaska as well as the lower 48 states. We use the plane for 3d reconstruction of lands as well as many other great projects. The nicely built aero is a great plane to fly very stable Thanks to the pix hawk auto pilot and the long flight time.

I want to thank Chris Anderson for the help he has giving to me. And for starting this site! It's a great community for knowledge. If you want to read a local article on me and my company please visit the link below and thank you again.

M2 Flight Solutions
CEO Michael Cook


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  • 3702012768?profile=originalHere's its cousin over the pond! This ones self built with PixHawk and been certified to fly in the UK under the CAA's rules via EuroUSC. Note the CAA serial number UAV 0197

    I to would like to thank Chris and everybody on the DIY Drones forum, as without it, I would not have managed to get the plane built and certified.

  • I was going to ask you about the camera placement, it took me a while to find the GoPro in the wing. Good job!

  • excellent news and I wish you lots of success in your venture

  • Thank you all! I love this community! Notice how I modify the wing to hold a go pro to take photos! It works wonderfully! I have also done some others as well!

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    Great news!

  • Congratulations Michael! Success ahead!

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    Congratulations Michael!

  • Congrats Michael!

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    fantastic, congratulations Michael!

  • 3D Robotics

    Congrats, Michael!  Made my day.

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