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  • 3D Robotics

    Congrats for the good piece in US News, too!

  • We will make the production run no matter what.  We run an iOS consulting business that we can route money from pre-tax, with the funds we have right now we have hit the critical tipping point where we can make the production run.

  • If you don't make your goal will you still be able to produce the walrus? Are you at or close to being able to cover the minimum production run? I'm really excited about this project, but I'm worried about funding it on indigogo knowing that I'm committing money no matter how much you make. Your goal is 50k, if you only make 15k, do you still expect to be able to do your production run?

  • Thanks so much Dany, and for the tweet as well!  @Joshua: No problem on the delay

  • Distributor

    Nice, a 3DR frame, a Steadidrones frame..  I like the idea! 


    Once you are ready I wish to be able to distribute your product in Canada! 

    Pretty sure you got a hit there. 

  • Sorry for the long wait in-between your blog request and getting it posted!


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