Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you all the news that our video stabilization software is now live and ready for download! 

We set out a few years ago to transform the very time-consuming and difficult stabilization technique that I was developing into an automated piece of software.  To say it's been a lot of work would be a huge understatement.  But I must say I think it's been worth it.  

We feel that this will open up a huge range of possibilities for drones, as you'll no longer need to carry the weight of a brushless gimbal, the beefier motors to lift that heavy gimbal, and the heavy higher-voltage li-po to power those motors in order to get solid, smooth footage. 

Who knows, we might even see a renaissance of the servo gimbal!  If you take a look at our gallery page you can see the full before and after clips of many servo gimbal flights.

And we've got no doubt this is going to make drone races look that much more amazing.

Check it out at ReelSteady.com.  We are super-excited to see all the imaginative uses people will find for this new tool.

Hope you like it!


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  • @helistorm no not at all, I saw their system a couple months ago, I thought reelsteady was using a similar technique to achieve such good results

  • @Nicolas , are you working with the SteadXP people? If so, I would love to discuss further the possible uses of your system. It seems right in line with what I have been trying to do.

  • This is the way for most things professional. The DIY community likes to do things themselves as individuals, but the ideas and techniques developed need to go to specialists for wider consumption. In the same way that image processing shops for the development of aerial mapping products have popped up in the last year, this could grow as well. Robert, find some shops that can implement this and do it as a cost per use basis. With the projections of the economic potential of drones and their continual miniaturization, it would be worthwhile.
  • @Nicolas

    I couldn't figure out what steadxp is doing. There is very little info there. 

    Gimbal's require maintenance and its an effort to remove gimbal from one vehicle to another. I personally find its dependency on after effects more troubling. Thats anther $1000. I haven't tested it yet. But even if it is as good as it sounds, I still won't be able to buy it. $1400 in total cost is a lot. It would have been a much better deal if it was a standalone application.

  • Woah I just tried it out, reelsteady is mindblowing!!  i must say it took me almost an hour to stabilize a 20sec shot on a mac pro :-/ not sure if that's normal, but the stabilisation is just on another level 

    but 400$ is a bit steep especially if you consider the price of a good 3 axis gopro gimbal, you can buy 2 for that price.

  • Impressive! i'll have to try it out

    at first I thought it was done with some gyro logging. like http://steadxp.com

    @pritam i think thats what you were talking about :-)

  • Developer

    Really amazing, i think is better than Mercalli V4 (from the demo video)...

  • Ahh that's the culprit.  Unfortunately it's 64bit only.

  • Moderator

    No, 32 bit, maybe that's the problem?

  • Hi Graham,

    Sorry you're having issues.  Does your computer have a 64bit processor?  are you running a 64bit windows version?

    Hop over to our support contact page and we can help you further http://www.reelsteady.com/pages/contact

    I really want to get to the bottom of this for you.

This reply was deleted.