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Find a drone on the beach? Feel free to keep it!


Via RCG:


"Finders, keepers: Marines say people who found military drones on NC beaches can keep them

By Associated Press
8:52 a.m. EDT, September 23, 2011

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — If you've ever wanted a military drone, you may want to visit Oak Island or Carolina Beach.

Folks at those beaches say they found the plane-like structures with an orange-and-white design Thursday. Officials at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point say the drones were used Sept. 17 during a live fire exercise at Onslow Beach.

Forty drones were used during the exercise.

A Marine spokesman says people can keep the drones or call the Marines to pick them up."


And here's an earlier report from people who found them.

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  • They must carry a radar signature transmitter, since these things are made out of plastic, and so small, SAMs probably won't be able to lock on.  Unless, they're shooting these things down with M16s.  

  • Developer

    Any idea what AP is used, I am guessing MicroPilot ?

  • I thought this was a  neat shot.  Griffon makes a variant of the Outlaw called the Boomer which is a target drone, but it also has a pusher setup.  I searched, but couldn't find anything on a tractor version.



  • Developer

    Since there is no payload (used for target practice) I suspect they need the front motor to get correct CG.

  • Developer

    Dad, let's go and get another one... :)


    Btw. I think that is not MQM-170 Outlaw as outlaw has motor in rear and this one have motor in front. Which makes me wonder why?? Color scheme is same for sure.

  • Looks like you normally buy them by the dozen




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