FIND MY DRONE - The #1 iPhone app for Lost Drones has been updated and published to the App Store. It supports connection to MAVLink  compatible drones using WiFi (LTE/3G) including 3DR Solo, so you can easily find it when its hiding in long grass (avoiding the FAA and the DOT no doubt)

FIND MY DRONE also works with autopilots that are mavlink compliant or you can manually enter the last known location and FMD will give you bearing and distance to your errant robotic friend.

FIND MY DRONE Map View also has mini dashboard showing current status of battery, mode, speed and heading.

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Happy Finding... :)

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  • Developer
    @wyatt as long as you have the fluroescent yellow ones you'll be good! And a lawn mower pattern for dummies handbook. :-p
  • i just bought for 20 bucks stick n find tags now this app to me is useless lol...

  • Developer

    @Patrick nope, Find My Drone and MAV Pilot are native ObjectIve-C

  • @Bill, did you Qt this? Android version should be a re-compile right?

  • Developer

    @Randy Is there a MAVLink command to also trigger that feature?

  • Developer

    Slightly related, Copter-3.3 includes a "lost copter alarm" assuming you have a beeper attached.  So from the RC if you hold the sticks down and right for a couple of seconds it lets off a horrible shriek.  This will help once you get close to your vehicle, perhaps using the described app or one of the ground stations.

  • Developer

    Oh, and I should mention, FIND MY DRONE is the sister app to MAV Pilot. Update is going to be out soon.


  • Developer

    I hadn't posted it up before, but you can easily configure 'manual mode' in settings where you enter the last known lat/Lng and it will give you the distance and bearing to the lost drone. So it will work with other drone autopilots. I'm going to add some audio as well, for that authentic sonar feeling ;)

  • yes you can walk with mission planner.. but what if the gps fails.. or breaks off... or you dont have a cell connection.. and you use offline maps..

    this app uses wifi..and goes though the mavlink though the radio telemetry bypassing the one on your radio i assume... so it makes it truly offline... like a beacon locator... i fly offline with offline maps i downloaded and put in my phone..

    theres other options like becons that use seperate batteries and a beeper or gps... see if your main bat flies off your screwed... no power 

    ebay has some nice for 10 bucks locators though bluetooth and when you get close you hit beep... but then again your spending money and this app is free haha

  • MR60

    Nice Bill! Waiting for an android version please.

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