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  • i have test the set and it a verry good set.

  • Ive been looking to get one of those frsky radios+telem. Have you tested it yet?
  • @Masterbaker The antenna is A09-HSM-7 for the XBee 900 Pro. It is very flexible that will not easy to broken. I bought it from mouser( Also I have 5.8GHz video transmitter not installed yet.
  • This is inspiring...
    In the process of making up my mind ... it is good to see different approches.
    Symplicity ... clean look (minimum apparent wires).
  • Developer
    Very stout landing gear! How do you like the FR-Sky receiver with TM?
  • very nice set up.
  • Your solution looks very good!
  • Whats the antenna for? Dosnt look like the standard xbee of video transmitter.
  • Nice :)
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