St Étienne de Bolton, Quebec

About Me:

I am part of a team 2 family related friends that got facinated by UAV drones now accessible technical revolution. We both agreed to explore and research, understand, experiment, formulate a project and make it come to ive. With the support of the DIY Drone community, we are confident we can formulate a strategy to improve autonomus flight time.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

We are now developing a VETOL auto level landing deck that can be remotely FPV dispach on land by a Rover/Crawler. We will annonce the details of the complete project on DIY DRONE whith a update on the actual progress. (Mai 2011)


St Étienne de Bolton

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Bernard Michaud commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ETH's Raffaello D'Andrea and the coming "machine revolution"
"Summing a fantastic future for DIY.
A must see for all new members.
It will sky rocket your motivation.
Feb 7, 2013
Bernard Michaud commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post DroneCafe - The Daily Cup - Blog
"I'll be following and supporting this new concept. It will add some dynamic to the site.
Jan 21, 2013
Bernard Michaud replied to Jesse RJ's discussion USB 5v to rc receiver
"The ENERGIZER XPAL 5v power pack have 2 USB output (1amp and .5 amp).
The capacity is 1500mha.
I have been using 4 units for 6 months with nothing negative about it
Hope this can help. 
Nov 30, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "$40,000-$60,000"?
"Some thoughts about why the 60K$ value
Communication frequency and equipment, Top quality TV camera, Zoom lenses, Camera orientation system, Video HD transmission system, Base station sophistication, Telemetry, Production cost, Customer support,…"
Oct 28, 2012
Bernard Michaud left a comment for Arturo Pelayo
"Hi Arturo,
Tanks for your interest.
Project SWAPPER is on the hold for another 2 months. We are updating our objectives.
We have done 2 years of priliminary recherche and testing on the following aspects:
QUAD precision landing capacity
On board…"
Jul 26, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on ct's blog post DIY Drone Summer Camp
"I see the summer camp activities as being driven by learning objectives rather than the quick assembling and learn to use kit approach.
Why? ...... Because it addresses and achieves 2 objectives with the same energy input.
1- It can relate or…"
Jul 26, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on ct's blog post DIY Drone Summer Camp
"I James.
I am completing a educationnal programme based on the assembly and the understanding of ground drones FPV driven.
The programme will start in jan 2013 with 4 teams of 4 students.
Phase 2 of that programme will be using QUAD with FPV…"
Jul 25, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on ARHEXA's blog post 3.3 million microFarads help your servos and reduces noise
"Reduction of noise and compensation of sudden high current are not incompatible.
Connecting a 3F capacitor in parallel with a .03 uF should achieve both objectives?
I did not test any of this but somebody must have done it some ware ..."
Feb 17, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on Martint BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk's blog post DJI Wookong Test In The Wind
"This is all about stability in serious gusting winds. 
I was looking at this very convincing video thinking how you should be proud of the performances.
That's it ........    if you dont already have a Master degree, you can claim the degree from me…"
Jan 22, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Connecting the FPV System Together
"Maybe Allison Chan could have used a softer tone to put-it but, basicaly he is pointing at the thing that hurts.
1-  the content was ok and to the point. That was interesting for me but to repetitive and the content felt stretched.
2- a diagrame of…"
Jan 14, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Additional Details for the USA Trip I'm Planning
"Your project represent numerous communication chalenges. By communication I specialy mean the continious need of publishing your progress. CyberCrash proposition's of a detailed plan(visualy graphic) is the way to go for a start. Dont worry about…"
Jan 9, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on Gisela & Joe Noci's blog post A large scale Variable Pitch Tilt Quadrotor implementation.
"Just love what you have put together.
Like the angle off your presentation.
Looking forward to see it in the air ... 
Jan 6, 2012
Bernard Michaud commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM: the Universal Autopilot
"The DYI adventure is definitaly more and more exciting.
Dec 20, 2011
Bernard Michaud commented on ct's blog post DIY Drone Summer Camp

 Basic Summer Camp Offer may contain the following step by step topics for a start..

Introduction of the involved flying concepts with demos
Basic electricity, battery and power
Soldering technics hands-on
Electric power distribution…"
Dec 13, 2011
Bernard Michaud commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Univ of Nebraska starts a Drone Journalism lab
"Facinating piece of future we are now witnessing."
Dec 4, 2011
Bernard Michaud commented on Henry Fletcher's blog post Whooops a Dasiy! and Trying to Destroy a ROFL Frame
"Filming with camera in one hand, moving from one scene to the other while commenting ..... acting with the other hand!
Henry you are good at doing this. 
This demonstration I would recommand to all DIY newbies like me.
Mistakes and concequences…"
Aug 20, 2011