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*over the couple month's I'm going to attend, organize, and film robotic conventions in my area*

This is my blog to the newscasts I'm going to be releasing every couple days.  If you have anything you would like me to cover in a newscast please let me know through message or comment. As DroneCafe and The Daily Cup evolve over the next month so will this blog.  To show my support for diydrones.com I am going to wear a diydrones.com t-shirt in every newscast.  I love honest criticism so if you have any suggestions please don't be shy! (The newscasts over time will become more professional looking)


I'm really focusing a lot on the non military aspect of drones in my newscasts.  I am going to focus even harder on trying to be a daily face reminding diydrones.com members to feel obligated to inform the uniformed that drones aren't limited to destruction. Please help support me in my efforts.

Editor of The Daily Cup (Newscasts) - Joshua Johnson


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  • Joshua Johnson commented on your blog post "Old Fogey In Coroplast" on DIY Drones

    I'm interested in the mini quad in the picture. I'm trying to add some features like voice control to my mini heli and am curious what all you've done to your quad.

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    My post may have gone but I saw this on a feed thought you might be interested 

    Siri controlled Arduino using Ruby


  • The Live Assistance project from episode 5 is working great. Check it out!

  • Let me know what you think about episode 4, the blog name change, and the fact that I created a new blog for the new episode.

  • Developer
    Check out http://www.flitetest.com and http://www.rcmodelreviews.com/ for inspiration. Flitetest is a good example og high production values and a good understanding of the target audience. RcModelReviews is good example of focusing on the more technical electronics aspects of products. (He's quite quirky though)
  • I agree 100% Doug about setting up a studio and working towards making better videos each time I release one.  I will check out Trent's Video's and watch it to learn more professionalism. Thank's a lot for the Compliment on Episode 3! I definitely want to keep the DroneCafe Part because its a website and project I'm working on that will be revolutionary for civilian drones once I'm finished but I do have room for discussion on a name change when it comes to the The Daily Cup part once my video quality is top notch. 

  • For now I want to make video's often so that I can test things out and see what works and what doesn't work.  Also it will help me learn editing skills faster for now.  Once I gain a little bit bigger of an audience and start producing top notch videos I want to keep the videos down to two new episodes a week on the same two days each week.

    Let me Know what you think Doug and please keep the suggestions coming.  I'm learning so many awesome tips and tricks from everyone!

  • Oh.. if you go to a weekly format, to counter act the box you are in as 'Drone Cafe - The Daily Cup' you could adjust the name to 'DeCafe - A Cup of Drone Talk'.  This would allow us to refer to you as the 'decaff dude'.


  • Episode 3 - Good direction to move in. Much better.

    It was much easier to watch, more concise, and focused on a single topic. Very good.

    I agree with Bill B, you might consider a weekly episode. The end product will be better and your audience will appreciate it.

    Are you familiar with Trent's Videos at MyGeekShow? He has well over 100 vids done and has improved his game to very near pro level. You can too. Watch this episode on his Polaris build. (Note: it is less than 10 minutes). He  started with just his phone for a camera. Currently, if not at a flying location, his 'studio' is a section of his garage he remodeled for the show.

    Your style will not be his style. You are two different people. You can learn from his progression and do just as well and reach a different audience. It just takes practice and the willingness to improve.

    The same concept applies to flying RC aircraft. Except with flying, you are dealing with technology, physics, and Nature. With video information, you are dealing with humans and their attention spans.


  • Thank you sooooo much Bill! I'm going to take everything you said very very serious to try to better my videos! Once again thank you tons for all the great suggestions.
  • Developer
    PS: create a new blog entry for each new episode and no update the old one. Hx
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