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  • If there are ladies hovering over your local pond...then yes!

  • wonder if it would help me pickup the ladies :)
  • I saw one of these built by what I would call  the love child of Einstein and Macgyver on a BBC show called Bang goes the theory. He used a fire engine pumper truck to supply the water for the thrust. It's on youtube (  and other things like a votex canon. The peanut brittle rocket engine seems not to be on there anymore. He claims to have made it quite cheaply



  • In early times, in bigger boats, people use to climb on the pole and see distant view with mono-cular.

    I am not kidding, even in todays time this would help a lot, I think people can imagin, how. 

  • $130K euros
  • John, It's not a myth. It is real. I saw this a few years back on a cable tv technology show. You can buy one if you have lots of extra money sitting around.
  • This looks like perfect mythbusters material.  Hey Guys, are you get'in this?
  • It would be really interesting to see a scaled  down version. An Unmanned JetLev. APM/IMU could do that I bet.
  • It looks like a floating pump station just drags along behind you. You certainly wouldn't sneak up on anyone with that...
  • Sweet! Just like from Super Mario Sunshine!
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