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Absolute beginner in RC.Craft. Need something to get me away from the computer!

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Develop long duration airborne systems with tracking and monitoring functions for emergency services, search and rescue services. Finding the right airframes will be the easy and cheapest part...


Sydney Australia

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Peterstagg commented on Bernard Michaud's blog post Off-topic: water-jet backpack
"I saw one of these built by what I would call  the love child of Einstein and Macgyver on a BBC show called Bang goes the theory. He used a fire engine pumper truck to supply the water for the thrust. It's on youtube…"
Feb 11, 2011
Peterstagg replied to Peterstagg's discussion Digital camera with autoshutdown override
"Hi Johann
It's the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5 right now
I have found a couple of interesting video cameras that I will try out that does video and stills.  I will need to pull them apart to fit them into the plane. If these work I'll put it in this…"
Feb 5, 2011
Peterstagg replied to Peterstagg's discussion Digital camera with autoshutdown override
"Thanks guys
It seems the places I go to must not know thier equipment as they all have said not possible to stopping the autoshutdown or restting the time to shutdown
30 mins should be more then enough time to do the work. After that specialist…"
Feb 5, 2011
Peterstagg posted a discussion
The biggest problem I see with many of digital cameras is the way they go into sleep or shutdown mode.  I managed to score a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5 which allows me to stop the shutdown in the settings. I can then use a manual shutter switch to take…
Feb 5, 2011
Peterstagg replied to reinaldo watanabe's discussion "track" image on video camera.
"There is a company is Australia that does this.
It's military grade stuff  but I guess this is kind of what you want?"
Feb 5, 2011
Peterstagg replied to Peterstagg's discussion Powered Sail Plane Design for UAV
"That's a good question. In my sleep dazed state when I wrote this I omited the site of the real craft.
There is a series of videos of it on flight, the motor I was thinking is in the rear of the main body judging by…"
Jan 22, 2011
Peterstagg replied to Brett Glossop's discussion UAV Telemetry Frequencies allowed in Australia?
"I asked a similar question in another forum yesterday
What did you find out?
This would be interesting to know
Jan 21, 2011
Peterstagg posted a discussion
Hi The picture below is of the sunseeker powered glider that has been developed by a small team of glider enthusiastsIt has solar power all over its wings and the propeller is at the rear of the craft pushing the plane.It is rather a different…
Jan 21, 2011
Peterstagg posted a discussion
HiHas anyone is Australia looked into what is needed to get the video live transmission operational?Mainly in the broadcast regulations etc. I have a couple of cameras that have live video streaming in mind but if it's going to be red tape city then…
Jan 20, 2011
Peterstagg replied to John Cousins's discussion First UAV!
"Hi John
That's quite the airframe! I have downloaded the CASA regs fir here in Australia. There are quite a few conditions, but as you said, they do seem to be mainly for safety and are leaning very much to encourage good UAV production and…"
Jan 20, 2011
Peterstagg commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post sUAS News needs you.
"Hi having just joined the group (so new I haven't even put up a photo) I am astounded by the content that's here. There is so much that there should be plenty of activities that would do you for over a year. I look forward to delving more into both…"
Jan 14, 2011