As with any inventor, designer or engineer, things don't always go my way!


Actually as it turns out, I did not damage the Seraphim prototype, but did destroy the reciever! That cheered me up a bit as we have much more need for the Seraphim rather than the reciever at the moment, I have spare of the latter.

Nonetheless, the lesson still stands...check all the wiring, check it again, and check it once more. The problem is that bad wiring doesn't always do damage, so I tend to rush soldering jobs, if you cut a bit of wood short, there are no two ways about definately won't bridge the gap!

I've been running loads of new tests recently, which I'll gradually find time to talk about! Check here on DIY drones for more detail and other information I don't have the time to post more than once on our website:

I have just recently created a crash test video and written about why I chose aluminium for the ROFL frame, you can read this at:


Comments and ideas appreciated as always :)



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  • Bernard,

    Thank you very much for the kind compliments :)

    (I must admit a breif rehersal was necessary!)

    I intend to do many similar things in the future so keep an eye out for more of the same!

    Warmest Regards,


  • Filming with camera in one hand, moving from one scene to the other while commenting ..... acting with the other hand!

    Henry you are good at doing this. 

    This demonstration I would recommand to all DIY newbies like me.

    Mistakes and concequences presented in a simple but efficient way.

    The video and the scenario is easy to follow.

    We need more subjects describe in this manner.

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