UGV Rover/Crawler, our project start but ....



After waiting for so long (4 month), we finaly got a good deal on a vehicule that would permit experimentation.

We were looking for volume to accomodate the electronics and possible new hardware (FPV robot arm).

There it is, fresh from the box.....


Then.... we tried to make it move.

Desaster !

Noisy and loose slipping gears so ........ back to the seller.


Will keep you posted

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  • Where was that tracked platform that you found was too bumpy? Cause we are doing an UGV project in college and are looking for an appropriate platform like that...

  • Very nice toy.
  • Interesting video in the sens that it talks about the principles that we will have to deal with.

    Scaling all of this down the 1/5th scale or smaller, should be DIY extreme pleasure.

    Thanks for this lead.


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    Hi Bernard,

    Sorry, I did not mean as the "solution" more as has anyone looked at these, they seen to have good ground crawling abilities from the box, I would think that the chassis used in that model may give some assistance seeing how it works very well out of the box.

    "Ground craft" is not something I have looked into a great deal.
    Now if our budget was a little bigger maybe we could try for one of these:



  • I would call this video, extreme crawling.

    Not that it is not impressive but, the situations our ArduRover control truck will have to deal with would be different.

    We would be looking at identifiyng immediate terrain obstacles and safe surfaces to advance on. 

    How rough of a terrain could be delt with in a 100% ArduRover GUV will be very interesting to discover.


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    Has anyone looked at these yet?

  • Any update on what was wrong with your RC4WD vehicle?
  • We did have a look at it but the Crawler was more appropriate for the complete project.

    We did examine this tank basic structure .. but no despite the available payload volume.



    The ride of a track vehicule is finaly to rough.


  • Have/would you considered using a tracked vehicle instead of a crawler?


    Thanks for the comments

    I could not resist having a look at the RedCat 1/8 crawler. Wow was I supprise !

    It is, in deed, seriously comparable to the RC4WD one.

    I have yet not enough hand's one experience to compare. From what I can see, If you take out the price of the pendulum weels and some nice to have luxury, the RedCat is still 3 times cheaper.

    Proving that it worth shoping.

    There are still some caracteristics that are special to the RC4WD and we will need them for our comming ptoject.


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