DJI Wookong Test In The Wind





We set out to see how well the DJI Wookong WK-M would hold up in the windy conditions today, the wind at ground level was gusting anywhere from 5 to 20 MPH, we had no way of knowing what the wind was doing at altitude but you can hear the copter fighting hard to hold position and see the way the copter pitch changes as it fights into the wind, this video is long due to the last flights being complete to the battery was spent! All the flights were done in the GPS Atti mode and apart from the odd adjustment in position all flights were hands off.....




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    Hi All, I just updated this blog post as I have made a reference to it in another post, some of the information was a little outdated. I did not want to cause any confusion but it had to be resubmitted for approval! Thanks for looking all the same.




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    Hi Dany,

    They are very expensive when you sit them along side the APM x, but as I pointed out in the APM 2.0  thread it's not a system I would say is to be compared side by side, it’s closed source, is only for one platform and is four times the cost without the “mission planner” function. Here comes the “however”, if you are looking to get the quickest route and the least hassle to flight and don’t want to play with many codes, soldering irons etc, AKA the DIY option you would be hard pushed to find an easier route right now. As the video shows, the last flight was in some extremely challenging conditions and it just got on and did its thing. We only made one small PID change, which was about 30 seconds work, and went up again :)

    And it was great to see the outside again and be involved with some flights!




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    Should I start stocking them in the Canadian store?

    hehe quite expensive solution, not open source but WOW it does fly great! 

    Thanks Martin for this video. Great to see that you can still go outside and play!  ;) 


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    Woow, impressive and really convincing... Good video Martin.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • @martin thanks for the video, at least I know what I missed ( i do admit to being guilty of being bit lazy and nit having driving licence) I have to admit I was hoping to see ur maja and Malochm's traditional heli with apm :). Unrelated note, where did u source thus frame from :) can I have the details please.
    I hope to join u in the next round of experiments
  • This is all about stability in serious gusting winds. 

    I was looking at this very convincing video thinking how you should be proud of the performances.

    That's it ........    if you dont already have a Master degree, you can claim the degree from me any time.

    What are you going to do next .... I want to know.


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