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*over the couple month's I'm going to attend, organize, and film robotic conventions in my area*

This is my blog to the newscasts I'm going to be releasing every couple days.  If you have anything you would like me to cover in a newscast please let me know through message or comment. As DroneCafe and The Daily Cup evolve over the next month so will this blog.  To show my support for diydrones.com I am going to wear a diydrones.com t-shirt in every newscast.  I love honest criticism so if you have any suggestions please don't be shy! (The newscasts over time will become more professional looking)


I'm really focusing a lot on the non military aspect of drones in my newscasts.  I am going to focus even harder on trying to be a daily face reminding diydrones.com members to feel obligated to inform the uniformed that drones aren't limited to destruction. Please help support me in my efforts.

Editor of The Daily Cup (Newscasts) - Joshua Johnson


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  • I'll be following and supporting this new concept. It will add some dynamic to the site.


  • If anyone can comment on here about that question a new member had about his tablet that would be awesome!


  • Thanks Dean if you have a youtube or google account feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. <<<Here

  • Good luck with it Joshua, I'll be watching for sure.
  • Thanks Paul feel free to contact me if you have anything you want covered in The Daily Cup.

  • Sounds great.  I'll be watching for the posts.

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