Connecting the FPV System Together

This week I connected and ground tested my FPV system. Its a very basic FPV system, cheap and won't be a long term solution, but I just wanted to get started in FPV and learn from mistakes/learn what I like/don't like etc. And there isn't as much at stake if I crash/lose it!

FPV System:


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  • Maybe Allison Chan could have used a softer tone to put-it but, basicaly he is pointing at the thing that hurts.

    1-  the content was ok and to the point. That was interesting for me but to repetitive and the content felt stretched.

    2- a diagrame of some sort would have provide a visual reference betwen the connections and the different parts.

    I like the fact that trying things in public are a signe of determination.

    Dont let go, keep doing-it.



  • Ellison: Ha ha! Got to leave em wanting more :)

    Toby: why? I didn't ask you guys first :) Could have done another freq for FPV, and eventually I will, just wanted to go cheap and easy at first. But yes, 900mhz telem is in the plans. Thanks!
  • interesting that you chose 900Mhz?
    that is the same frequency as the better telemetry options, any reason why you chose that?
  • Ha ha, what a tease.  All that talking, and no display of the camera images on the monitor? :-)

This reply was deleted.