Finwing Air Titan

ai16481373-114-thumb-AirTitan-02.jpg?d=1391621339Looks like a good fpv/camera ship for long distance flights with ArduPlane.

$189 - airframe kit only


  • Wingspan: 2520mm / 99.2inch
  • Kits Airplane weight: 2.4kg (5.3lb) including all reinforcement parts
  • Extra Payload: 3.0kg-4.0kg (6.6lb-8.8lb)/ flight weight>6.0kg
  • Customized Brushless Power system:
  • Customized Motor for Airtitan:  M60K/ Power 1500W
  • Testing static thrust: 5.5-6.0kg (6S, 15" Prop)
  • Propeller recommend: 15*6 / 15*7
  • ESC: Advanced 80A OPTO (without Built-in BEC) 
  • External UBEC: 5V/6A,5.5V/6A or 6V/6A (Switchable)
  • Material of fuselage and Wing: EPO
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  • I have one and I really love it. It's rugged and flies like a dream. I run 2 6S 8000's and one 3S 8000 for electronics. I actually have two of the planes, one has been modified as a true taildragger by removing the nose wheel and moving the main gear forward. If you are going to bush fly with the standard gear, or operate on fairly rugged ground I would highly suggest reinforcing both the main gear attachment point and nose gear ply during construction since it's far easier than trying to retrofit ( believe me I learned the hard way).  The twin verticals are needed because the plane is very tail heavy to offset the massive payload and battery capacity up front. You want that tail authority to keep the tail from washing out (like the penguin) in a non-coordinated turn.  This plane is a Penguin on steroids and the RMRC kit is outstanding.  Very easy to put together, the worst part is having to wait for the Contact Cement to dry lol.  I am running a Pixhawk setup along with two GoPros w/ pan-tilt and a Sony Nex 5 facing down in the belly and a FTV 600 in the nose, all running through a switcher. There is power to spare and the plane flies very well at full power, but that's not really it's strong point. Slow, smooth and steady is where it really shines. I had initial concerns regarding the lack of flaps, but honestly to wings have so much surface area that most of the time I feel like I'm flying a giant Radian. The glide and slow flight is so docile that I haven't missed the flaps at all, although a flaperon setup would certainly be possible.

  •  Bought  one today guys , the kit version. all  the ready to fly where gone, I liked the skyhunter but i would have to buy /build a landing gear also the Talon. this bird has it and its steerable .should be here by next Wednesday :))) salivating already . good night to all



  • Could this bird stay up there for 2 hours and cover more than 100km?

  • Sorry Jarrett.. Didn't see this until just now.  Yes I got it and it flies quite well.  I have it apart right now for some changes (mostly related to FPV and Pixhawk placement) but hope to get it back in the air Monday or Tuesday and get it tuned.

  • So... Did you get it yet?

  • Deal.  Ordered.

  • Don't worry we all have the same impulsive and compulsive behaviour on this blog.The only thing that controlls us all is available funds and storage/building space :) Go for it tell us how it works !

  • It's taking so much self-control not to order one of these and drop an APM in it!  Looks to be a good ship for several applications

  • certainly looks like an improvement from the penguin , really glad they did away with the clear plastic hatch , mind you the penguin with a few mods (quite a few) was a fantastic rugged hard wearing plane, mine is still going even after many hard landings , tree ditches and water landings , so maybe the titan will be the next level , might have to be my next project 

  • Ailerons do not appear to be direct-drive:

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