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  • I won't give any suggestions because my batteries are much smaller.
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    I use this HobbyKing one, which is rock solid and handles every kind of battery
  • There is only one still running that I know of here in Albuquerque. This isn't the first time I have dealt with them and this is about par for the course(Last time I was 13 and bought a boat). I think I'm stuck with ordering online.
  • Your LHS should have a combination balance/charger for LiPos. If not, get to another LHS.
  • Ah okay that nice to know. So I need a charger and a balancer wohoo! Well lesson learned. At my last internship one of the staff engineers had a battery pop and start a fire in his office so I was watching it which saved me on that little whoops.
  • You are very lucky it didnt start a fire. Time to give the LHS person you talked to a piece of your mind. Btw, you need not only a charger but also a balancer for any lipo that has more than 1 cell (aka all useful ones)
  • Yeah. It says NiCad in small letters on the back. Dang. Well time to dig up that receipt. The one thing I didn't research heavily.
  • Sounds like a NiCad peak charger and 1A is way too much. Lucky it didn't explode and set your house on fire.

    Get a LiPo balance charger before you get another battery.

  • Its a brand of charger that I bought at my local hobby store. They said it would work just fine for LiPos. Although that might be my problem I'm not seeing anything that says what kind of battery it is supposed to charge.
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    What's a dynamite charger? You can only charge LiPos with special LiPo chargers.
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