First DIY Zoom Gimbal


Interested in a adding optical zooming to your DIY UAV systems? It is now possible to build a field tested zoom gimbal by yourself. Vertigo DIY kit gives you an opportunity to enter the specific fields of drone services such as emergency, surveillance, monitoring, agriculture or computer vision development. 

We prepared 3 buying options: Full kit + .STL’s files, Electronics kit, and .STL files only.


This is the best price solution on the market right now, and it will bring you most of the functionality that is brought by professional UAV systems on the market in any drone capable of lifting 398g | 0.87 lbs of payload, and it will work fine in most diy multirotors and some larger airplane frames.

If you have an access to 3D printer you will be able to produce several pieces for yourself, and start some larger scaled missions quite fast. 


We are excited to see what upgrades are introduced in your versions of the gimbal, so please share your builds with us. We hope it will help to develop better solutions in future for all of us in DIY community.

We recorded a full assembly tutorial, so the build should go very smooth. If you need more assistance please feel free to contact us directly (via as well.

First 4 sets sold to users will also include parts already printed for your convenience.  

Hope you will have a great time building your own zoom gimbal. 

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  • Greg,

    Do you slow movements when zoom in?

    I see you have another cameras with digital output, Has you researched about tracking and digital stabilization for this sensors?

  • Damian, it is a surveillance camera, it is PAL, same format you can transmit with any analog video TX. It is not a to make nice youtube videos.

    it has not bad look:

  • The resolution seems unusable ...

    a 700 TVL camera has an effective resolution of 976 x 582

  • Distributor

    Great with some DIY! 

  • For all of you interested here's the assembly tutorial (the link didn't work before):

  • Thank you Josip. i share your opinion + you can make yourself several pieces after the first one very easily and even cheaper :)

  • It looks great, it seems a good deal a 27X 3 axis camera for $349.00 if compared with foxtech similar products at $1000

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