The winners of the first international drone photography contest, organized by social network Dronestagram, have been revealed!

Launched May 15 in a partnership with National Geographic, it is a successful first edition with over 1500 photos published and a global participation. Winning authors come from Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, Bulgaria and France.

According to the members of the jury composed by Dronestagram and National Geographic France team, "picking winners was a very difficult task especially because of the great quality of the photos that have been submitted. We tried to reward the photos that show the best the fantastic potential offered by drones in terms of image. "

The "most amazing aerial view" price was won by an Indonesian drone pilot who managed the feat of shooting an eagle in flight. Very pleased to have won the first prize, the author told us the story of this great performance :

"The photo was taken on 2012, we were working on aerial photos for eco-tourism spot at Bali Barat National Park (west Bali, Indonesia) . We were taking vertical aerial photos using autopilot. Suddenly the eagle came and chasing our drones, so I decided to take over and switch to manual control. After few minutes we discovered that the eagle did not attack the drone but chasing and playing with it. So we decided to do manual fliying (with fpv) and make the eagle chase the drone and do maneuver so the eagle positioned just in front our camera.  So it just a huge luck and a perfect moment combination."

In addition to earning a DJI Phantom, a Go Pro and a printing of its photo, the winner will have the chance to be published first in National Geographic magazine, french version.

Very satisfied with this first edition, Dronestagram website is already working on similar projects to promote the work of drone enthusiasts.

So who won the first edition? Find out below!
More info on our Rewards page

Dronestagram & National Geographic Prizes: Awards of the most amazing aerial views.

1st Prize Winner: Bali Barat National Park (picture at top)

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  • All amazing photography. Drones are becoming more popular throughout the whole world. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are growing in popularity in the UK with various UK UAV companies starting to emerge. It's a growing market that I am sure is going to be as popular as photography itself.

  • MANTABH BRooooo  !!!!!!! Good Job

  • The winning photo is absolutely stunning. Congratulations. 

  • @edupin - I've read the contest rules, thanks for that. I don't see anything there about safe flying.

    By selecting and publishing photos that depict very unsafe flying practices you are indeed encouraging others to do the same. You really need to accept responsibility for that. I agree with Joe's opinion that photos showing unsafe flying should be disqualified. This is an opportunity for the organisers to lift their game by promoting safe flying. 

  • @Darrell Burkey : nobody has ever encouraged anyone flying over or endanger people,please read the contest rules here: http://www.dronestagr.am/contest/rules/

    Rules Entrants must not submit images that involve willful harassment of wildlife, damage to the environment by the photographer, put any individual…
  • After reading the response from Capung Aero team I am happy that every reasonable precaution seems to have been taken. Thanks guys for being responsible. My harsh comments were driven by the one thing that really got my goat and that was the photo over the children... And even worse at the high altitude over the stadium. There is no doubt that the images are amazing. The winners who were safe and responsible deserve their awards. The unsafe flights should have disqualified the images for the stadium and children. But NOTHING should trump SAFETY of others while flying these incredible machines. The tech is just not mature enough yet... Even though it has developed and been going viral at a mulch more rapid pace than anyone would have imagined 10 yrs ago.
  • makasih om eko :)

  • Congrats to Capung Aero team for the 1st winner of this competition..good luck to you.

  • This contest would have more validity if they didn't encourage flying over people. And I'm not too sure about the prize. :-)

  • I was being sarcastic :}

This reply was deleted.