First Quad video flights

Meanwhile it's a compact Nikon L22 pocket cam,

next one will be GoPro soon, then finally the big DSLR on the Hexa frame.




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  • Nice Work AR! 
  • yes it was a windy day !

    on the second video i had a stone inside the motor

    on the first one i had a motor decently not leveled because of a broken motor mount...


     flew with a 5000mah 4S lipo,

    total weight including camera and battery : 1800gr


    talking about the first video, climbed much higher (the video batteries went dead !!!!), GPS hold,

    flight time was longer than 5 minutes, i'd say at least 8 min, cells at 3.75v at landing.

  • Distributor
    Nice to see you are flying!  :)  seems a bit bumpy...  what is the weight and specs? flying time?
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