First time at laying fingers on ARDU PILOT MEGA

the package I have been waiting for arrive today. No Idea on what to do. Plan to build Quad that can lift 4kg AUW. Then will move to Y6 setting. here's what I got from U-drones with latest code loaded+GPS+ful telemetry+only no airspeed.3689416395?profile=original
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  • a little video of early stages 

  • after reading and re reading few times.. I got it figured out. after dozens times of trying to brave my self into flying higher than 12 inches from ground I got it at last today.. wow 3 times I did it.. and unfortunately broke one prop. got to head home.. tomorrow more to come.
    anyway temporary frame with training landing gear makes my AUW almost 3 kg
  • I need help for clarification: can I use 7 channel rx for Y6 frame configuration. in the manual it just says input from rx from channel 1 to 5 only , 6 & 7  optional and 8 is not cool.  As I understand it, the input from rx should be from channel 1-5. just the signal cables. and the out to esc, is from 1,2,3,4,7,8 the the respective esc of the 6 motors.. am I correct.. can someone clarify .. thanks

  • Got it! At last. put a servo for yaw control on ch7. it flew alright on temporary frame of my tricopter. just have little problem wih the yaw, so far can manage it. Anybody know how to program or add code for using channel 6, for switching modes for position 2,4,6, so I can have 6 position to switch modes. can it be dones?


  • unfortunately all motor from HK are out of stock and on back order. I am trying to get 800-1000 KV motor that can lift 1kg-2.5kg each. For 6 motors should be able to lift between 6kg to 15kg at full power, and 3kg to 7 kg on 50% throttle on hovering and altitude HOLD.. well that is paper estimate leaving out the weather factor, wind turbulance etc.

    anyway while waiting for motor and esc I am using what left around the in hobby room. my tricop still cannot run using the Ardu pilot2. last night running on heli mode manage to get 2 motors to run, the back motor wont run. I played with swash mix in TX still cannot. Today I switch to Acro mode and it got worse, tested in CLI all got response, including GPS,compass. but when unhook from PC it wont run. on all simple, stabilise and acro mode. Have to mingle again tonite. I am using Futaba 9CHP radio with 2.4ghz rx 7 channel.

  • I have interested about what type of Brushless motor you choose

  • Good luck in your endeavors!
  • progressing good. manage to get hold of the APM planner. That folder you gave me is really helping . Thanks Chris. to save money and using whaever I had around I have to go for tricopter first. lets see what going to happen later. of course tonite I am going to unbolt the props. while setting it up. getting more interesting now
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    Assuming you're following the manual (which I hope you are!), it's in the folder you downloaded and unzipped:
  • Thanks buddies. Ok as noob (totally here) and so much reading to be done on these blogs, very much appreciated if you guys can give me short cuts. after struggling to make my computer recognise the USB device, I succeeded, yeah. but now I can't find the APM icon, or mission planner Icon anywhere. should I load anything else? I am eager to see the mission plnner screen and start hooking up the GPS and telemetry or whaever else in the package.

    thanks again

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