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  • Excellent work. Bravo Conservation Drones! I've flown KAP mapping sessions in Belize and would like to use these techniques too. See:

  • Im actually headed there this weekend! I will have to keep an eye on the sky... 

    Nice work!

  • Hi Randy, yes, they are Skywalkers with APMs. All electronics have been coated with CorrosionX for use in the open ocean. We'll see how long they last!

  • Developer

    That's definitely mission planner on the screen so I guess it's an ArduPlane equipped plane.  Great use of UAVs!  Also at $4k per plane (at least I think that's what they said in the video) that's a very reasonable price I think.

  • Good work all.

    (maybe add a table to your kit for the computer)

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