Fixed-wing UAV Swarm Prototype of Skywalker X6


Many hobbyists show their interested in Skywalker X5-PRO.

Today, I will introduce another new aircraft of Skywalker X6 with upgraded version.


 The 11th China International Aivation and Areospace Exhibition was held in Zhuhai international exhibition center in Novermber 1st in 2016. The FPV UAV swarm flying experiment present in Chinese science and technology exhibition. There are 67 Skywalker X-6 swarm flying into the clouds. This is video is taken by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Poission and Tsinghua University about fixed-wing UAV swarm prototype experience. 

Swarm Intelligence is regrads as an undefined technique of Game-Changing that makes great breakthrough to UAV in the future. Compared with multi-rotor UAV, the fixed-wing aircraft has faster speed, larger playload, longer range. Therefore, the fixed-wing aircraft has these characteristics.  Now, I will share video of Skwyalker X6 to you.

The video website is as below:






Now, I will introduce the details of Skywalker X6 with upgraded version. The cabin in the fuselage is bigger and layment plywood installed. By this way, it's more convenient to install electric appliance and it's really good to fly! Some customer have tested in this aircrafts successfully!







  • Adopted EPO material, light and sturdy.
  • Large capacity cabin, reasonable area distribution,such as layment plywood. 
  • Stable and flexible flying.
  • Module design, disassemble and assemble easily and conveniently.
  • Special winglet design, small resistance, long range, precise operation.


  • Wingspan:1500mm
  • Fuselage length:650mm
  • Wing area:60dm2
  • Flying weight:1800-2000g

Recommended Cofiguration

  • Motor:2816KV980
  • ESC:60A
  • Servo:17g*2pcs
  • Propeller:9*5F
  • Battery:4S 4000mah
  • Radio:3CH

If you are interested in Skywalker X6 upgraded version, you can contact with me. 

Welcome to your review !!! I will reply to your question a.s.a.p. 

Thank you!

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  • I'm sure with enough Carbon Fiber reinforcement lots of things are possible:-)

  • Foam wars?

  • Am I being churlish to mention that strike capability has no place here on DIY drones?

    I see that you have included that at the end of the Video!

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