Hi all! In the quad that I use to work i've a Mikrokopter "tower" (all board), I created an "hot swap" adapter that allows me to move all the board/receiver from a quad to another in just a minute.
In the photos I had not yet entered the base for the receiver (now is between the GPS and the NC), but now even that is connected to PPM Sum with Flight Control, all in a single "tower".
For safety reasons all the contacts are redundant on more pins, this is the list of contacts used for any "signal or power":

8 / - LiPo
8 / + LiPo
6 / C I2C
6 / D I2C
4 / + Buzzer
4 / - Buzzer
2 / pwm signal for each servo
2 / -5V for each servo
2 / +5V for each servo
2 / + Led Strip front
2 / + Led Strip rear
4 / + 5V Aux
4 / - 5V Aux
10 / Telemetry Port

This system is of course usable for any type of flight card, even for ArduCopter APM1/APM2, just obviously adapt the cards and the strips.
Certainly this adapter is used on heavy quad, since the bulk and weight (46g) would be ridiculous to install it on little quad.
In the photos are missing the four 10 mm spacer that fasten the two boards of the adapter with 4 plastic screws.
Obviously after each swap is necessary to load the appropriate tab setting flight and motors matrix table, simple and quick.

Marco Robustini
(AC Dev Team)

Tower ready to go, full Mikrokopter electornics with "3DR Radio" telemetry and rx s-bus, "all in one" installed in the "hot swap adapter".
Yeah, the new 3DR Radio work fine also with Mikrokopter boards! :-)
In the "male" base adapter there's the two pnp transistor and two resistor for the "led strip".

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Comment by Dany Thivierge on April 24, 2012 at 9:20am

hehe I like! 

Can you post a picture of in on a frame?

Overkill and great!  Really Marco you are good.  So now that the firmware is getting really stable you have too much time on your hands? Kidding of course, I really think that you are up to something there.  I am sure someone will "productionize" this (less weight would be nice)   

Although it's not so hard to swap around the current electronic tower it is a bit of work, this solves the issue!  


(maybe one day available at www.canadadrones.com

Comment by Marco Robustini on April 24, 2012 at 10:20am

Hi Dany, thanks!
As I finished my new octo full carbon I post here some photos of the board installed... :-)
I'm waiting a couple of APM2 for testing 2.6ß but never get, so I have some free time to do these interesting things.
This adapter is obviously counterproductive seen from the business side, because it allows a single board and can be installed on most quads in very little time, but I like to experiment so I decided to do it.
APM2 could also be made in this direction, two board like "sandwich" where one is only the "pin and solder side" and the other contains all the electronics.
I have already moved to produce something like this, of course miniaturizing and optimizing all, at the moment only for very expensive board like Mikrokopter, you know the price of ther "full tower", now I have also put the s-bus receiver in the tower so when i swap that i move really all (940$ of electronics).
Immediately following completion of the first prototypes will leave you some indication if you are interested, my intention is to provide an excellent product at a very low price.

Bests, Marco

Comment by Helmut H. on April 24, 2012 at 11:00am

Hello Marco
This is a good solution, I would like to build something similar.
Another possibility I've found here
Would be what APM-2
Nice greetings from Vienna
Excuse my English Google

Comment by Marco Robustini on April 24, 2012 at 11:25am

Hi Helmut, yes, i know this video, this solution is fantastic only if you have very similar frame.
In that case is very simple to create a single central contact unit and do swap all in a single box with canopy.
I thought my adapter for different frames, I think this is the only way if you install the esc in the central plate (in the video the esc are below the motors).

Comment by Danilo Scarato on April 24, 2012 at 11:57am

Hi Marco,

Excellent work,  but I would make note that I do not see the rubber dumper recommended  in case of mikrokopter FC.  ;-) Ciao

Comment by Marco Robustini on April 24, 2012 at 1:13pm

Hi Danilo, yes, the four rubber dumper are under the lower board of adapter (sono tra il frame e l'adattatore che ho creato, in questo modo reggono una massa maggiore che equivale a meno vibrazioni ad alta frequenza... ciao!).

Comment by Colin on April 24, 2012 at 1:58pm

Marco, what a coincidence. I've just done something very similar for my APM 2.0. I wanted to be able to change my APM between vehicles without having to faff with re-wiring the whole lot.

This version is just my first prototype

On the next edition I'm considering integrating this full range, 8 channel receiver into the base plate.


Comment by Marco Robustini on April 25, 2012 at 2:23pm

Nice job Colin!
Yes, with APM2 is easy, there's the strip hole ready for some like this! :-)


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