Flight Control Board trial run. part2

I had got sensor board yesterday, and assembled it to FCB. It's disappointed that GPS can not receive the satellite signal. I think maybe SC-1513 GPS module's antenna layout is difference with MSTAR GPS modules.(I don't sure.XD).

But the 6DoF IMU run very well.

Bug Fix:

1.Gps antenna layout.

2.5V-->3.3V , 3.3V --> 5V level shift modifidy.

3.Add MPXV5004 Differential PressureSensor for Airspeed.

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  • Thanks your information. The reson like your post. The pin17 is opened due to my bad soldering. The GPS bug had been fixed after re-soldering. Thanks again.
  • @Ho-Chung Chang - Good job...looks like you're almost there. Judging from your layout...I'm not sure if you have components on the bottom side of your sensor board or not...if not, and you are making another layout anyways, pin 17 is used to provide power for active antennas through a ferrite bead, it looks like your antenna track goes directly to pin 19 straddled by grounds on both sides provided by pin 18 and 20. The module does have a LNA and SAW filter, but with an antenna lead that long it will need to be active (powered). If your board indeed does not have the active antenna power, this Sarantel SL1203A should fit in your board space..just test it outdoors. Also make sure gps module has somewhat large low esr capacitor on pin 12 VCC. If your connectors allow you, split the ground plane between the GPS side and the mems sensors, let the gps ground return current be on its own side, do the same for power if you can. This will be better for the mems devices. Good luck....flying season is almost upon us!
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