Flight Tests With the EG 2.2

I’ve started flight tests with the latest Ardupilot code and hardware and will post my findings in this blog post. Info on my plane and set up can be found HERE. I’ve found the EG 2.2 has similar flight characteristics to the original EasyGlider including the same “reverse roll” and “reverse pitch” settings in the code so these results should help anyone flying the stock glider.A few notes on what I have discovered so far---The throttle immediately kicks in when you switch to WP or RTL mode. There is no “safety” coded into the throttle command such as, no throttle activation below a given altitude or a given speed, so be prepared if you switch from manual mode at the flying field. Also, in the .h file under Throttle gains the throttle_max variable is defined twice. I’m not sure which is used by the code. There are also some corrections to the manual that I posted HERE that may help others in their set ups. Good Luck!

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  • Moderator
    Sorry to hear about the plane Bryan, glad you're continuing with the good work though. I do find your logs very valuable.
  • Developer
    Bryan my condolences.

    We should create a community short circuit insurance system. ;-) Are you in good hands?
  • Developer
    I was shocked when I saw your burned UAV, I am sorry. Any short in the main power circuit could cause this, I installed an automotive type micro fuse 30 amps, on my first electric plane, even with a fuse when things move around in a crash a short can occur, also I have crashed my test bed BlueStik 3 time of 5 test attempts so far, One crash damaged 1300ma Lipo battery, only a slight nick but it was OK, when these batteries catch fire from a cut they burn very hot, and are very hard to extinguish. Never top off a lipo that is full or a hot battery. I had a 4350ma 5 cell lipo over charge at 6 cell voltage, on a AstroFlight 209 charger. I heard a pop and knew there was problem, I only had time to grab battery and run to driveway where it caught fire, the flames were 4 feet high and spraying from battery, sorry no video, I now charge Lipos in a big ceramic crock and attach a thermo alarm. Don't be discouraged just build a better UAV using knowledge gained from this experience, good luck with next version. I still have not had success with AP in waypoint mode, but today it may work, more tweaking of pitch should do the trick! I am rebuilding again as I ground rolled and with 6 crashes on carbon fuselage it split again, I am 1/2 way done replacing it, a total rebuild.
  • 3D Robotics
    Definitely a reminder of the the virtues of a stand-alone BEC for valuable planes...I've heard about this happening before but have never seen the results. Wow!
  • Sorry to see this bryan. I power my ardupilot completely off a separate battery from the receiver battery. That way I am assured of being able to control the receiver comms. if something happens to the ardupilot in the air. She was a beautiful bird, I hope you will create another one like her in the future :)
  • Ouch. Sorry to see that Bryan. The remains definitely looks spectacular!
    After seeing this, I am definitely going to consider powering my ardupilot and RX from a separate UBEC rather than the one built into my ESC.
  • Bryan Cuervo,
    i will have to say you really do it in Style, it is a shame , but WOW you get Major STYLE points for that one
  • Thanks Michal. I've already started on a new UAV. A tailless design with vacuum bagged wings and plenty of space in the fuselage. Like I've said before, the joy is in the journey--------
  • Bryan, I am very sorry about your model. I have great hopes that this accident will not stop you from sharing your great as usual experiences with us. Your thoughts about ArduPilot is something like a guide for us - EG owners.

    Best regards
  • Not a good flight day! I was still having issues with the plane diving (for some reason, worse than the previous day) and three minutes into a flight, I lost input to the plane. No throttle response and control response. Luckily she crashed on the field but when I drove up to get her, she was in flames! I put out the fire and, from the looks of it, the ESC had caught fire first. I had a hard landing on the previous flight and maybe the ESC got jammed into the foam resulting in less convection and more heat build up on the next flight?

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