FLIR just added a new imager in the line up ten times less expensive than traditional thermal cameras.

Resolution is  80 × 60 active pixels so I guess its to low res for a pilot camera at night.  At least prices are coming down

FLIR Lepton® is a revolutionary longwave infrared (LWIR) imager that is ten times less expensive than traditional thermal cameras.

With a resolution of 80 × 60 active pixels, Lepton is bringing thermal imaging to a new generation of electronic devices for work, play, and mission-critical applications.

And Lepton is available in three models: 50° FOV w/o shutter, 25° FOV w/o shutter, and 50° FOV with a shutter for manual calibration.


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  • flir vue looks awesome!  $3k for that kind of quality is perfectly within professional/research budgets and yes transparent pricing policy is refreshing.  I'm tired of the posts on this site with 'contact us' for every product..

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    The Flir Vue starts at USD 1500 so it is sadly still out of reach for most DIY ers.

    I have a fully featured application for the Raspberry and the Lepton breakout board here: 50 shades of grey (and 11 other palettes...) You can build a really compact unit with the Raspberry A+ 

  • 80x60 25 fov and unknown price =/

    very "micro" purpose

  • Much better option- 

  • Resolution is also 10 times smaller...

  • Okay, yeah there are some massive differences in the camera quality, the groupgets campaign video really shows how blocky this camera wold be as a pilot camera.

    Great links Fnoop, I saved the thermal.com for my own later order.

  • There are a couple of breakout boards for the lepton:



    You can see the quality of it on the dronethermal page, not great.

    Here's an interesting comparison of the higher res tau modules from flir:


    When 320x240 comes down to $500 or less, then that will be real interesting :)

  • Very nice starting @ 249 its not bad price at all, adding to this years wish list, thanks again! :-)

  • Check out the seek thermal:


    I just got one of these and they're pretty cool, 206x156 resolution although a bit noisy.  Only trouble is they only really work attached to a phone with a bit of a crappy app.  People have hacked them to work with an embedded computer like raspberry but it's quite limited.  I've seen the flir one working (which is based on the base lepton) and it's pretty useless at night because the resolution is so low - without the msx phone overlay it's not hugely useful.

    The flir one v2 is apparently due soon with a higher solution, at a competitive price point.  As you say very interesting times :)  Technology really coming on and prices coming down.

  • Sorry may not be new, got an email from Digi-Key, maybe it was new to them as it is me :)
    But thanks Fnoop for the response as I am just in hopes that the price comes down.
    Here is the email from Digi-Key

    Digi-Key email web view

    Marketo, Inc.
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