Fly any VTOL Geometry with PX4

The PX4 flight stack has an unique architecture: It uses a single codebase and mission logic for all vehicle types.

This allows us to easily support VTOL vehicles of any kind: Tailsitters with just two rotors, Tiltrotors and quad planes [INSTRUCTIONS TO BUILD YOUR OWN HERE]. This has been flying great since summer and our latest release has the full support for all three airframes in it. You can reach the dev team via the mailing list or chat if you're interested to try it.

Tilt rotor:


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  • This looks like the code I have been searching for. I'v been trying the coax and single copter builds for Pixhawk and APM but they are limited and very out of date.

    Where can I find the source code for the Caipirinha config? Will this compile with make for pixhawk?

    Do get back to me as I am very keen and I have airframes already to test betas out on.


  • Hi Guys, well done - I think I see a VTOL happening for me in the new year:) - looks great.

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