Flying guide dog ... Just for fun

It is just a concept from Labrador Retriever guide dog. I used a ducted fan to approach my ideal.There were some structure problem at first type (1st picture). It can fly, but not stable....Orz.So I had modified the designed and moved fulcrum to the center-up of ducted fan.(2nd picture). It can fly well by the controller.(3nd Picture)

I put 2 IR sensors for obstacle avoidence. but I bought wrong type that can't provide enough sensing range....#$%^&*...Orz
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  • So the 10000mAh battery is the PhD & the ducted fan on a stick is the post doctorate. Wonder who gets full professorship.
  • This is first times test video. I will update video after few weeks. XD

  • It's probably the first dog i see that can bite with its back... May be also interesting to get rid of the balsa dust I tend to accumulate every evening in the dinning room!!! Though I'm unsure my wife would agree. Nice project anyway. I'd like to see a video of your guide dog, especially if it meets another dog,
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