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  • That's the beauty with the MX20 sending down all the telemetry info (voltage, rx strentch, sats, erros, esc temps, etc....)

  • but... what if you crash or the power fails?!

  • it's holy water

  • thanks jeff

    looks great :)

  • Hi all,

    This is all real time, and a couple clips have had Mercalli post stab.

    I'm using the Cinestar gimbal, but no compensation from the MK FC.




  • i was asking about gimbal stabilization.. is it picloc or built-in arducopter's or something else?

  • There is stabilised lens for the gh2. On the description it's written that he use cenestar 6 from quadrocopter

  • are you flying with arducopter?

    what did you use for camera gimbal stabilization?

    nice video :)


  • This is some of the best multicopter footage I have seen. Is this "raw" video, or has it been slowed down or stabilized using software?

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