Flymanta Avatar on a Football Ground.

Here is the FlyManta AVATAR movie shoot made this week-end with a 2 axes Direct Drive Brushless. I was at Cité Universitaire in PARIS where i live. (A kind of Big Campus for foreign people. All nationality is represented here)

FlyManta particularity is the YAW movment made with 2 Servomotors on front Arms.

The Yaw command is the same than a normal Tricopter, i just change a bit the code to send this command to 2 differents outputs.( you could use a Y cable too to do that).

I've made a full photo album of the construction here :

it's a public link that you can share guys.

Fast is the main advantage of the Yaw made by twisting the arms, i'm using liitle servomotor but the weakness is the center plastic pinion wheel. So using a metal one is better.

I've remarked that the Yaw on a simple Tricopter is not flat... because of the inclinaison of the back motor.

I'm using GO PRO2 and the RC Timer Direct Drive Gimbal (a bit heavy !!) a carbon one will be better to enhance my flight time. (7 mn with a 1494 gram Tricoptere)

The Batterie is 2650 mAh (300 grams)

Flight Mode is HORIZON a mix between ACRO and STABLE (ANGLE), Acc influence is lowered with angle.

Hope you like it Guys !

FlyMantaFoot from patrice rancé on Vimeo.

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