3689687903?profile=originalI figured I'd type up the instructions for setting up the FlySky FS-I6/Turnigy TGY-I6 flight mode switches for the ardupilot manual.

l'll include a link to the video at the end as well.

You will use a 3 position switch (SWC) and a 2 position switch (in this case, SWD. You can use any of the 2 position switches, but it makes sense to use the one next to SWC for ease of reach). This will give you 3 SWC positions with SWD in it's first position and 3 SWC positions with SWD in it's second position, giving you a total of 6 positions for your 6 basic flight modes.

Click OK to move out of the home screen.

Now click your UP or DOWN button to move to SETUP.

Click OK to enter the SETUP MENU.

Click your DOWN button to move the selection arrow to AUX. CHANNELS.


Click OK to enter AUX. CHANNELS.

The selection arrow should be on CHANNEL 5. If not, click OK to cycle through and select CHANNEL 5.

Click your UP or DOWN button to cycle through the assignment options until CHANNEL 5 shows SWC + D (or SWC + whichever 2 position switch you wish to use).

Click OK to cycle down to CHANNEL 6.

Click your UP or DOWN button to change the assignment option to SWD (Or whichever 2 position switch you selected in the previous step).


Click and hold CANCEL until your TX beeps and returns to the previous screen, to save the settings.

Click your UP button until the selection arrow points at END POINTS and then click OK.


Click OK to cycle down to CHANNEL 5.

The arrow will be pointing at the low END POINT.

Use your UP or DOWN button to adjust this number.


While doing this, have SWC and SWD in their first position and have your mission planner open at INITIAL SETUP/MANDATORY HARDWARE/RADIO CALIBRATION and have your MP connected to your quad via MAVLINK. It may be helpful, before doing this to click on INITIAL SETUP/MANDATORY HARDWARE/FLIGHT MODES and write down the PWM values for each flight mode to save you having to constantly click back to it during the next step.


As you adjust your END POINT, watch the value of CHANNEL 5 on your MISSION PLANNER and adjust it until it falls within the PWM value required for FLIGHT MODE 1.

Repeat this step for SWC in Position 2/SWD in position 1 for FLIGHT MODE 2 and repeat this step for the remaining flight modes.

SWC Pos 1 / SWD Pos 1 = Flight Mode One
SWC Pos 2 / SWD Pos 1 = Flight Mode Two
SWC Pos 3 / SWD Pos 1 = Flight Mode Three
SWC Pos 1 / SWD Pos 2 = Flight Mode Four
SWC Pos 2 / SWD Pos 2 = Flight Mode Five
SWC Pos 3 / SWD Pos 2 = Flight Mode Six

You will need to adjust and tweak the low and high END POINTS. To move the arrow between the LOW and HIGH END POINT, move SWC to position 2 and move SWD to position 1 for low and position 2 for high, but remember to move your switches back to the correct position for whichever FLIGHT MODE you are setting once you have selected high or low.

Once END POINTS are set, click and hold CANCEL until your tx beeps and returns to the previous screen.

That's it. You should now be able to select all six flight modes using the combination of SWC and SWD.

My values for END POINTS are 88% for low and 71% for high. Yours may be the same or may need different settings. Just keep adjusting until you have the values correct.

Here is a Video for this set up procedure -

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  • Here are my settings for the Turnigy TGY-i6. These will give you six (6) flight modes using SwC and SwD

    Firmware 1.1 9-Jan-2015

    Endpoints Ch5 67% 50%

    Aux. Channel 5 Source SwC

    Aux. Channel 6 Source SwD

    Mix #1

    Mix is ON

    Master Ch6

    Slave Ch5

    Pos. mix 4%

    Neg. mix 50%

    Offset +17%

    I configured my flight modes as follows:

    ArduCopter Flight Modes

    1. Pos Hold

    2. AutoTune

    3. Auto

    4. RTL

    5. RTL

    6. PosHold

    The 3 main modes I use are PosHold for flying with the kids, Auto for running missions, and RTL when it's time to land the bird. With a flip of the 2 position switch, I can go from PosHold to AutoTune, from Auto I can initiate RTL, and from RTL I can pause by going to PosHold.

    Happy flying!

  • Hi Doug,

    Nice writing here.
    Since you mentioned about Channel 5 being assigned to SWC + D, what is the role of Channel 6 being assigned to SWD?
    Isn't Channel 5 itself sufficient to handle 6 flight modes (3 * 2)?
    Can I assign Channel 6 to anything else, like VRA, without affecting the 6 flight modes?

    Thanks, man!
  • Problem solved. I needed to change the layout to advanced in planner.

  • I'm little confused about why description. Is it Ch. 8 identified for Flight Mode or anything?

    If you need to remapping channels, just change this parameter, "RCMAP".

    Btw, just wanna answer my previous question in case anyone wondering; this mod would be real if you already updating the i6's firmware. If you use firmware 1.1, you need to upgrade to 1.5 or up. By this mods, you can have 10 Channel and toggle switch mixing 

  • I have the switches set up, but MP is showing PPM ch 8 instead of 5 in the flight mode window. Running ArduPlane V3.7.1, and MP 1.3.43. Anyway of changing this to ch 5?

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  • Good tutor Doug.

    I helped a friend whom confused about his multirotor and FSi6. When I try access i6's menu Aux Channel, there were only 6 channel and only one switch option.

    Do you update your i6 firmware for this tutor? What is your firmware version?

    My friend's version is 1.1 27 Mar 2016

  • Thanks for the post. Worked perfectly including the 88 71 parameters....

  • Nice work, shanks for sharing !

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