Folding Quadcopter for the holidays


Not much space if you're going on holiday with the family in a Renault Clio. This design fits into a 52cm toolbox with transmitter and all accessories.

Just thought I'll share my crash resistant design that has evolved through many drops and repairs. On impact it is now usually just a matter of replacing a rivet or a prop. The electronics and battery can quickly be removed for installation on another airframe.

The props are 15" RC timers and as shown I get about 23min flight time with a slightly damaged 5000mAh 4cell Lipo at 1500m above sea level, 25 deg C.

The difference in spacing between front and rear props doesn't have a noticable effect on stability and it flies waypoints very well.

I'll post basic plans if anyone is interested or if you want an airframe let me know.

Update: Plans for the airframe




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  • PCB and ESC's are between the top and bottom plates.

    I prefer cables outside of arms as it makes for easier replacement if motor or arm gets damaged. There is space inside arms if you like them inside.

    Tried posting plans, but not sure how to attach PDF and DXF files?

  • there is somewhere a PCB with 4 esc's ¿? i hate have cables over the arms with ties and so on
    i like clean setup's even if that means change the full board when a esc end up burned

  • More info:

    Motors are the RCTimer outriggers 360kV.

    ESC standard JDrones 20A as for Arducopter. Set timing to high.

    Flight time was achieved with 5.8GHz 200mW video transmitter active.

    Weight probably around 1700g as shown.

    Max payload not tested as my goal was more endurance. For higher payloads I would suggest motors with higher kV rating.

    Aluminium plates can be replaced with carbon fibre to reduce weight and increase endurance. The compromise would be some crashworthiness (can't bend carbon straight).

    I'll clean up my template drawing and post it in the next day or two.

  • Very good idea.

    Could you tell us what are the motors? Please.

    What is the max play load?


  • Developer

    That is fantastic! I am looking at a similar concept myself!!

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  • wonderful
    where to get more info about it? i dont have car so i like compact solutions that fit in a backpack

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