Follow me with Kite Skating a frozen lake

First try to use the follow me feature other then running around a field

Uncut video with just quadcopter footage:
F450 style quadcopter with gopro
APM 2.6 Flight controller with 3.2
Nexus 5 with OTG telemetry running droid planner 2 beta - In my pocket.

15F with 15mph gusting to 20mph wind

Edited video of the evening playing around: 

Playing on Pelican Lake Ice from bryce johnson on Vimeo.

Worked great!  Can't wait to try it on skis with some good snow!

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  • Thanks Curt and Andy for the deshaking.  That does look better, athough I think the gimbal would help the most. I also liked the fisheye distortion removal.  I'll have to use that in the future.

    Carl, I think the follow me was limited in software to a certain speed.  I'll have to increase that in the future. We got a bit of snow so hopefully I can get some shots on skis!

    I got my gimbal controller a few days ago, although now I am waiting for an arm.  While I was flying in the yard, bad vibration in a dinged prop caused it to loosen in the air... and come down again.


  • Awe some  ! a coupe of times the drone had to hustle to keep up . ice boaters would go ga ga on that lake

  • Great job Bryce!

    I also had a go at deshaking it, but removed fisheye distortion first for better results.

    Still no substitute for a gimbal though!

  • Really nice footage Bryce,

    I didn't even know ice kiting was a sport, makes sense and looks like a lot of fun.

    Bad landings could be less forgiving than kite boarding though.

    Great lake!



  • Hi Bryce, I've been playing around with a digital image stabilization script which can take out some of the bumps and jitters.  It's not really packaged yet for general consumption, but here's your video run through the script (non-permanent dropbox link):

    I know youtube can stabilize your videos as well, but they usually over smooth (for my tastes) and you lose the sense of motion and flight.

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  • Yes I had a gimbal!  In a tragic accident with a tree (on a windy day), the gimbal controller somehow managed to take the hit with the ground.  Got another on the way.  It worked great in the couple times I got to play with it!

  • This is awesome!

  • 3D Robotics

    Love this! Now we just need to get you a gimbal ;-)

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