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CTO, Linux sysadmin, IT consultant, programmer, Musician

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Have been interested in UAVs for years, finally got a good H700 carbon fibre quad and pimped it up. Interested in search and rescue, fpv fun, photography and remote sensing for environmental applications.



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Andy Lee Robinson replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.2 beta testing
Hope you now use a gps tracker.
I got a TK102 which saved me hours or days of searching after crashing into a forest over a mile away on a mission where I underestimated the altitude owing to google earth's low spatial resolution.
50g extra…"
Dec 18, 2014
Andy Lee Robinson commented on Fredia Huya-Kouadio's blog post Announcing Beta releases for DroidPlanner 3 and 3DR Services
"I think I get the message that Hugues would like some documentation...
After spending weeks researching and trying to glean what I can from all kinds of fragments from comments, code, questions and replies from all over the place, I would have to…"
Dec 17, 2014
Andy Lee Robinson commented on Bryce Johnson's blog post Follow me with Kite Skating a frozen lake
"Great job Bryce!
I also had a go at deshaking it, but removed fisheye distortion first for better results.
Still no substitute for a gimbal though!"
Dec 2, 2014
Andy Lee Robinson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post WSJ scoop on forthcoming FAA rules -- pilots license will be required for commercial use unless Congress intervenes
"I really hope the FAA comes up with some (un)common-sense rules as our genie is not going to go back into the bottle easily.
You might find this interesting:
Drone Reports 2014: The Facts And The Fiction…"
Dec 2, 2014