Follow Me with SteadiDrone AGC and QU4D

Follow Me GPS Mode - SteadiDrone AGC from SteadiDrone on Vimeo.

A very quick look at the follow me mode in the SteadiDrone AGC (Android Ground Control) App and the SteadiDrone QU4D. Using the GPS system the drone is set to 'follow me' mode and the follows the gps position of the android device using the SteadiDrone AGC App, very cool stuff! More info and talk about this on our facebook page here

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  • Look ma' it followed me home can I keep it?

  • Hey personally i am all for this, i love the red version of the app!, i just think before people start ooing and awing they should know who made it :)

  • :) win win

  • Developer

    Just to clarify things:

    SteadiDrones has offered support to the development of DroidPlanner, in return they received a custom version of the APK with their icons/colors. Our agreement is to keep all everything open source, with their version having just different graphic assets.

    I think that benefits everyone, and if you have a problem (and a good reason for it) please tell me.

  • the follow me,pids screen, auto level and improvements are an amalgamation of Arther's Genius programming and my creative ideas/streak, you should thank arther and thank him for the skill and effort! check out his app Droidplanner, it will be updated regularly.

  • He he guys, Steadydrone is a re branding of Arther Brennemans Ardupilot on android, take a look :) i help him out with ideas and custom art :)

  • badass

  • Very nice demo guys.  I'm really enjoying your product offerings so far.  Keep at it!

    Did anyone else have a Benny Hill flashback during the last 15 seconds of the video?

  • John C - It's a fork of DroidPlanner and will have SteadiDrone specific features as we move along :)

    Dany, it's a micro USB to femail normal USB adapter, I put a think wire around it and heatshrinked it to keep it solid and upright :)

  • Developer
    USB OTG cable.
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