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Chris Hilton commented on Duran - ALTI's blog post Follow Me with SteadiDrone AGC and QU4D
"Very nice demo guys.  I'm really enjoying your product offerings so far.  Keep at it!

Did anyone else have a Benny Hill flashback during the last 15 seconds of the video?"
May 15, 2013
Chris Hilton commented on Ron Perry's blog post Drone stuck in the arms of Lady Justice
"The irony here is really beyond words.
I will comment though that I think we, as a community, have an obligation to fly safely so that we don't leave a negative impression in the minds of the less informed public when the time comes for domestic…"
May 6, 2013
Chris Hilton commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post OppiKoppi Beer drone tech
"Dominos delivery drone is just around the corner.  All we need is a insulated carrying compartment, an integrated credit card reader and FAA approval.
I'm pretty sure the first two are trivial, the last - not so much."
May 6, 2013
Chris Hilton commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Perfect UAV platform?.. The RVJET is finally here!
"Adam - I've a few questions I'd like to ask via PM.  Love the UAV and beef up the website!  

Apr 30, 2013
Chris Hilton commented on Chris Hilton's blog post Positive CNN press coverage for UAS, UAVs
"Sam you're dead on.  The sensors are already in place on many platforms.  UAVs aren't the issue, it's really electronic privacy.  "
Apr 29, 2013
Chris Hilton posted a blog post
In the middle of a national debate on the value of commercial UAS usage I found it refreshing to see a positive spin from a major news outlet.  The video leads in with a snippet about event security and then moves to show off some neat applications…
Apr 28, 2013