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  • @Bill- It's just a name.  I didn't name it.

  • But... but... but..... it's not a "Jet"?

  • @wayne
    The nose mounted dome was the result of our design process (and a plastic design guru) and we evaluated various placements before this was chosen. As much as I like the Techpod, I first learned of the TP when you started your thread on FPVLAB. ;)

    Maybe we'll see some modified TP with RVJET gimbals in the future? It might work if the dme is the same diameter. What size is the TP dome?
  • I have one about to show up in a couple of days, I'll post pics when it arrives :)

  • Range  video has been working on this for a while now. Looks like they are finally for sale here.

    And of course from Adam.

  • A very nice looking UAV platform.

    As some of the people above noted, it is really a good idea to actually disclose as much as you can about your business.

    If you are a little garage shop, that's fine, just let people know where you are, provide as much contact information as possible and tell them about yourself and your business.

    This is a DIY community, but we've all gotten burned by the odd off the wall foreign or domestic purveyor / rip off artist.

    Let us know who you are, where you are and what you are doing and generally speaking we will be happy to give you a try.

  • very nice design!

    I would call it the batman drone :)

  • Ive seen a few large boxes shipped to Aeroworks from RV HQ. Legit.

  • **Update**-SSL Certificate added to website (store).  May take 72 hours to become active.

  • @Chris, Yes PM me.

    @Stefan, I fully understand your concerns and agree with them.  As I stated earlier, this is a new site for us and we are still tweaking things so all your feeback is appreciated.

    We are the first Range Video Dealer and will be specializing in the RVJET, Power Pack and RVOSD as well as spare parts for the RVJET.

    Look for the first RVJET "Un-boxing" video soon on our YouTube channel HERE

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