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  •  I apologize for coming into this subject a bit late, but I just returned from the field. I was shocked when I opened up my e-mail and found this story, and then even more shocked when I signed into DIY and read the story, along with some of the "comments"
    Mr. Terry Cline is a fool, and as a "flyer' I am appalled by his actions, as we all should be. He was flying off the cuff, in an unsafe, unprofessional manner, and things went bad (as should be prepared for), but not as bad as it could have been.
    Simple, easy steps could have been taken, and this would never have been a story. Flying within acceptable guidelines, and he would have walked away with his RC under his arm. 
    Comment by Chris Hilton [Monday 5-6-2013] is about the closest I see to seeing the big picture. The actions of Mr. Terry Cline draws the type of attention we all do not need. This guy is not even smart enough to keep his mouth shut to the press.
    We, as a community, need to self regulate, or as we have seen in the recent past, states / feds. will be more than happy to stop all private UAV flights, and uber-regulate RC flights {since these RC quad-copters seem to be garnering all the "good" news stories]...
    More and more we see actions that are moving closer to the tipping point and one of these stories about a "fly-away" or and unplanned event is not going to be ending so smoothly.
  • The funny part is that he was working for the city. lol

  • There will be some pretty sweet fireworks when the Lipo blows. :)

  • Hugues: Crash an aircraft and have a member of the public complain to the police about it, and they're going to want to come and check you out.  It doesn't sound like the police actually did anything other than collect information on the incident.  

    If you read the article, the county seems to be acting very reasonably about the whole thing - they don't believe Mr. Terry Cline intended to break any laws, they don't believe any county violations were broken, the only thing they are considering is a vandalism charge but don't believe that they will do so as they don't think the statue was damaged.  They agree that FAA directives may have been violated, but don't care, as it's out of their jurisdiction.  The county doesn't want to spend county $$$ or endanger anyone to recover the quadcopter, and the want Mr. Cline to consult with them before embarking on a recovery operation on their own.  

    Basically, the county seems to be acting in a completely reasonable manner.

    Mr. Cline, on the other hand, seems angry that the police just wanted to collect a police report, rather than springing into action and deploying all possible resources to recover his precious quadcopter.

    What a twit.

  • The irony here is really beyond words.

    I will comment though that I think we, as a community, have an obligation to fly safely so that we don't leave a negative impression in the minds of the less informed public when the time comes for domestic regulation.

    I love a good FPV post on YouTube as much as the next guy, and probably more so, but the next 24 months are going to feed the law making machines and we need to regulate that intake to only provide positive images.  This kinda thing might be good for a laugh but it does scream out "pass a law to make this not happen again!" and that's what I'm very much against.

    Have fun, fly safe, fly smart.  (and avoid grabby statues :)  )

  • This is what happens when "drones" are made accessible to the masses.

  • Also funny,

    Article #2

    Cline said he had not been hired or commissioned by either group, but he was working to strengthen Marion’s image and attract tourism.

    Article #2 FAA Rules

    400 feet above ground level, should be flown a sufficient distance from populated areas and full scale aircraft, and are not for business purposes

    Recovery Article

    Cline said he was fearful he’d lose the equipment so integral to his photography business, so he ordered a new drone before he knew the first would come down.

    He should have used the magic words "No Comment".

    He says not commissioned but it is a valuable part of his business, if I had him in court I would beat him to death, LOL..

    If he would follow rules, ask for permission the city probably would have been 100% on board with the filming and helped out on the recovery since they also stood to gain tourism.


  • Gary, I was chuckling about that.  This blog is a few days late, and then I see the recovery news article teaser on sUAS right beside it....

    This is funny:

    ‘Let’s put this in perspective,’ Bailey said. ‘He ran a helicopter into county property. It’s no different than if someone hit the courthouse with their car. We took a report. We’re done.’

    Yeah... like they crashed their car into the courthouse at 0.003 miles per hour and absolutely no damage was done.

    The irony of ironic ironies is that the photos for this news article were taken with another drone copter... 


  • They are making to big of a deal out of it!!!  Just use a larger drone, config for the weight of this one, FPV up and latch on with an arm.  Do it all the time!!

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