Formula1 quadcopter

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Hi all,
some weeks ago while I was watching a Formula1 race I started to think in this idea, why not develop a Formula1 shape quadcopter? I was thinking about the best way to fit the shape of an F1 car with a quadcopter and then I started to work on this. With red coroplast plastic and a scissors I made the shape of the car (profile shape) and then I print some stickers from images of the car and this was the result:


The truth is that I have been playing with quadcopters and multicopters for some years and I always dislike the simetric shape of this machines (I tried to modify this a bit on old projects). In my opinion they are a bit ugly, so one thing that I really like about this project is that it don´t seem a quadcopter. People first see a race car and then when they see the props they ask me, but this really flight?


The setup of the quadcopter is the same of this project: Indoor fun with tiny ArduCopter but I have changed the electronics by an APM2.0 and I am using 5x3 props (normal and counter-rotating) from HobbyKing on a 2S800 battery. I have adjusted a bit the PIDs for the weight and the shape of this project and I have configured the yaw a bit more agressive in order to "drive" the quadcopter more like a car in the corners.


The result is a funny project and I think that Ferrari should look at this updates for their cars... ;-)
This post in Spanish: Formula1 Quadcopter

Jose Julio

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    Because some people are having problems to watch the video (music copyright) I have edited the post to add a new link under the video with a new version with free music.
  • @Chris Anderson Chase cam watch the shade around  1:05 ;-)

  • And the wheels?????? 

    So cool Jose!!  You can add a sound module with a throttleable  V10 ......yes you can ,:))))

  • Developer

    Hi Jose! That's so cool... Fantastic takes. And your audio edition was perfect at the "take-off" part.

    As always... I'm watching in loop N times.

  • Developer

    Opps, sorry for the copyright problems Robert, I will try to make a free version of the same video.

    Chris, the chase cam is my friend running behind the copter (you could see his shadow in some parts) ;-)

  • Distributor

    Brilliant, you should make a few more and have a propper race!

  • 3D Robotics

    Jose: you might want to switch out to different music; Simple Minds seems to be setting off YouTube's copyright detector. 

  • I can't watch the video because of copyright problems. :(

  • 3D Robotics

    Amazing video! How did you do the chase cam?

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