Fournier RF-5 as UAV

Fournier RF5 as UAV
A low-wing stall-prone (due to specific airfoil) motoglider, flown without Pitot Tube.
Endurance 30-45min with one 4Ah battery, but it is so efficient it would fly easily for well above 1.5h.
Yet, I don't like the fact you have to throw it overhead so it will stay limited.
Cruise speed 45km/h.
Shown loiters at low altitude since at typical cruise altitude of 200m it is almost impossible to track a flying object on the sky with zoomed camera.

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  • T3

    The plane was designed by an artist sculptor, poet, violin player and aircraft mechanician http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Fournier. In one person, therefore nothing falls off in the air. Maidened at Cannes.

  • Moderator

    Looks beautiful as it's in the air!

  • T3

    It is scratchbuilt by unknown polish aeromodeller, won on auction in slightly crashed state, repaired and converted to electric. 2.7m wingspan and significantly enlarged chord at the tips, by eye. Custom engine cowling, cabin pushed from PET bottle. Large beast yet light, very difficult to toss because of low wing plus very low roll response and nasty airfoil (theoretically RG15 but strangely sharp). No airbrakes/spoilers so needs absurdally long airfield.

  • Krzysztof, what kit/model/plan is the plane from? Looks to be close to 2m span...

  • It looks good! Stable flight in 15 meter altitude and a really nice vehicle.

  • T3

    deshaker from VirtualDub. Yet it is not designed for tracking object, but rather a background, what means it requires lot of tweaking to work filming flying plane.

  • Your autopilot is performing very well !  What software you used for video stabilization ?

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