FoxTeam Presents our New 3D Professional Control Ground Station .

Dear Friends,

today i'm starting to doing the test of Quadfox v3 GPS . I check the functionality of GPS and Magnetometer during the navigation . I happy of my results . I put on my car my quad and going around the city. For doing this test I start to evaluate the status of our advanced 3D Groundstation developed of my company Laser Navigation for professional application. Our company is available for develop some customization of our technology for different kind of application on air , on land or underwater.

We are working to support in our GCS :

  • Multipilot Board :
  • QuadFox v3 GPS
  • Fox Hybrid.
  • HG3.2
  • AeroQuad 2.0.1.
  • Ardupilot MP.
  • Arducopter MP.
  • ArduRov.

And all the other device that using the same protocol.

The functionality of 3D Navigator Ground Station are :

  • Multi veichle sharing same aerial sapce with TCP/IP Architecture.
  • Customization of 3d model of veichle.
  • Realtime telemetry view.
  • Simulation and Replay log view.
  • 3D Gis Engine for visualization and managment of terrain , veichle , waypoint , live video and 3D Landmarks.
  • Continuos mapping feature.
  • Visualization of flight instruments , realtime data of Multipilot HDR Imu : ACC , GYRO , Magnetometer , GPS
  • Realtime control of payload , using Joystick or inertial 3d device as Iphone / Ipad.
  • OSD for realtime video recording with different kind of page : for eng. , Pilot , Payload ecc.

We can develop driver for implement different kind of device , sensor , payload ecc . 3D Engine is developed in our company the project was started in 2001 .

for more info :

company url :


Roberto Navoni

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Comment by Paul Mather on October 27, 2010 at 5:57am
Roberto, looking good! Where does your 3D engine get the map from? Do you have a cache routine? Also, does the engine have the option to "lock on" to the plane so you don't have to scroll around to find it?

I also took a look at your website, it looks like you guys have done a BUNCH of UAV development! I didn't see any pricing on the GCS... is it listed somewhere on your site?


Comment by Roberto Navoni on October 27, 2010 at 8:48am
Hi HappyKilmore,
I take the map from different kind of source ... the application is compatible with raster map server application , so we can produce map or use map from different source .. In our application we can update in realtime the texture using aerial image or picture take in realtime from the camera.
Yes we have a cache routine we can work without internet conection .. so is better solution respect of Google Earth approach that need internet connection. Yes we can set different kind of camera position lock on veichle .. our application can manage multiple models in realtime in the same 3D Space ... You can connect the streaming to a sharing server where you can connect client.
At the moment this is an example of what our technology can doing . We can customize a solution and evaluate a price of the system for that kind of application. Actualy we are evaluating to have an a Tools compatible with our hardware in case request of professional support.
Comment by Paul Mather on October 27, 2010 at 7:33pm
It looks great. I'm really impressed with the 3D functionality. Google Maps doesn't work at all without internet and it's looking like Google Earth isn't all that great at caching either. I looked into a "3rd party" mapping program and it was geveral gigabytes of data for the whole earth's map. That's not acceptable either.

Again, nice work!


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