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FPV goes very wrong, plane kidnapped, then....

Hilarious. This is why you want live video/telemetry in your planes!

"One of my 1st FPV attempts didn't turn out so well, it was found by some teens whose first thought wasn't to find the rightful owner until they discovered a camera on-board. A couple hours later I recovered the plane with the help of a local garbage collector and here is the edited down version of the video I found recorded after the whole ordeal had ended. "

(from RCG)
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  • Who knows the reality behind the vid in terms of where the flight originated, but people have been doing irrational stuff since Adam and Eve, accidents still happen even with rational behavior, and the sky has yet to fall (pun intended). This little incident is not going to be the end of RC as we know it. All the laws in the world won't stop this kind of stuff from happening and I think the folks at the FAA and AMA know it.
  • I lost RC once... it vanished vertically into the sky while I was in a thermal :(
  • 2 way audio would be good
  • with ten plus years in rc I have seen a few planes lose radio control most don't go far and crash very quickly.
  • This originally appeared on RCG a year or two back IIRC and there was a lot of discussion about flying over built up areas then. I think the original was longer showing that the flight was intentionally over the houses etc. Not a good thing.
  • Was the receiver the problem?
  • That is quite funny. Almost need a return audio channel!

    Also we must remember that this he was dead stick - as far as we know the plane could have strayed from a designated flying area - the video does not show the whole flight.
  • its good idea to write phone number and address on the plane i will keep that in my mind xD
  • I hope his name and address are on his plane so the cops know who to look for
  • It's one thing to be dumb enough to fly your own airplane into your own head as a willing participant but not fair to a inocent bystander riding his bike down the street and get struck in the back of the head by yes a foam easy star maybe traveling at 50 mph or maybe a older driver distracted by that same foam airplane harmlessly crashing into thier windshield and how would they react maybe run some one over to many ways to go wrong
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