If you're old enough, do you remember in the late 80's how we surpassed our own parents when first personal computers, commodore 64 and other Atari computers came out ? Well I feel the same way now with our kids and UAV's.

Along gradual building of various UAVs , I accumulated so many spare parts that were just laying around that I decided to build a trainer quadcopter for my son and proposed him to try out, together, FPV for the first time! The attached youtube video shows our first noobs FPV journey...

 The trainer quad is made of:

-Assembled from various frame parts from : 3DR arms, home made plates, VulcanUAV landing legs, some other frames pieces from HK stuff, etc...

-a Pixhawk autopilot with 3.1.2 fw version

-3DR 880kv motors with 10x4,7 props + quadro ESCs

-powered by a 10.000 mah 4S battery

-5.8Ghz FPV setup with a RMRC 600Tvl camera

-Mobius for HD footage

My son can crash and abuse it, it is easily fixed. However I notice how I never had even to replace a prop (not like when I fly) because he is very prudent and he flies intuitively these things, even in non-FPV flights. He's gonna quickly be able to teach his father how to be a good pilot (for which there is still lots of training to do)!

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  • MR60

    @Niall, The battery is this one :

    and it weighs 975gr exactly.

  • MR60

    @Jim & Todd, thx.

  • A 10000mah 4S battery?! That must weigh well over a kilo!

  • Very nice job. Love the goggles. 

  • This is great stuff! Passing down some good experience at early ages is awesome! My dad taught me to hunt and fish. My kids are being exposed to tons more technology and fun stuff than I ever was.

  • MR60

    @Simon, these legs come from VulcanUAV :

    @Crady, thx, i'll have a look

    @John, he's a beast really::) That's great your father taught you all that. I think it is great when father & son can share a common passion.

  • @Hugues,  clearly, George is a very good dog. As for quadcopter repair skills, perhaps he is a bit limited. :-)  Speaking of repair skills, I was your son's age when my parents gave me my first Heathkit ("Build a Radio! Build a Flashing Light!"). A flat board with springs connected to transistors and other components. After trying to make my circuits smaller and more portable, I complained that the twisted wires were breaking. So began my first lesson in wire stripping and soldering, delivered by my father. My mother must have gasped at the bill when we made our first trip to an radio/electronics parts store. After a while, they got used to funding my experiments.

  • Interesting legs you have on your quad there ... custom made or did you buy them from somewhere?

  • I couldn't find them on the French Amazon site (but then again I don't know the correct way to say "magnifying welding lens" in français ; ) but here are some examples from the US Amazon site and are available in several diopters. These are acrylic but they also come in glass. I chose acrylic as the sides may or may not require a bit of trimming. Cheers!

  • MR60

    @RD Starwalt, yeah. Except in my cas i do the opposite move, from multicopter I'm going to start experimenting pixhawk on my newly received XUAV Talon. I expect to FPV this thing too.

    @John, thx! Did you like the dog ;) ?

    @Crady, I also find this Fresnel lens horrid. What a welding magnifier ? Do you have some more info on that ?

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